Recent Publications

‘Ground-truthing’ Chinese development finance in Africa: Field evidence from South Africa and Uganda by Edwin Muchapondwa, Daniel Nielson, Bradley Parks, Austin M. Strange, and Michael J. Tierney

Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China’s Foreign Assistance by Axel Dreher, Andreas Fuchs, Roland Hodler, Bradley C. Parks, Paul A. Raschky, and Michael J. Tierney

Recent Changes

China helps with Nigerian Space Program: 2013

China offers additional 200 scholarships to South Africa: 2013

In The News

•  Asia’s scramble for Africa – (The Economist – 2016-08-13)

Both Japan and China back up diplomatic efforts with aid and, at least in China’s case, this seems to have helped win it friends. Countries that vote with China in the UN (for instance over Taiwan) usually get more cash from it, according to AidData, a project based at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Read more...

•  A despot’s guide to foreign aid – (The Economist – 2016-04-16)

PITY the UN ambassador of a small African country each time a vote is called in the General Assembly. Many of the resolutions will be ones that their president and most of their compatriots neither know nor care about. Take Resolution 70, adopted just before Christmas and new year when the world’s mind is on how it will recover from one hangover while bracing for the next. The UN resolved, among other things, to hold a symposium on basic space technology in South Africa and a workshop on “human space technology” in Costa Rica. It passed easily. Read more...

•  Diplomacy and aid in Africa – (The Economist – 2016-04-15)

THE United Nations General Assembly is one of the few great levellers in life. In it a tiny country such as Comoros, with a population of less than a million people and a land mass smaller than that of Rhode Island (America’s smallest state) has the same voting power as India, with a population over a thousand times larger. Little wonder then that the great powers spend so much time courting the minnows, and showering them with aid, to keep them on side when resolutions come up before the UN. Read more...


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