Project-Level Data

Get project records from the database:

Research Release Datasets

All of AidData's 'research release' datasets are fixed, time-stamped, coded, and cleaned datasets that are ready for use by scholars, evaluators, and analysts:
Version File Type Size (kb)
1.2 XLSX 1536
1.1 XLSX 1633
1.0 XLSX 2571

Download the geocoded data used for the latest working paper:
Version File Type Size (kb)
1.1.1 XLSX 2945

Dynamic Datasets

Access raw data from AidData’s dynamic project information management system. However, note that these data should be treated very cautiously as they have not necessarily been fully cleaned and coded. AidData generally recommends that these data not be used in quantitative analysis.

Custom queries:

You can make a custom dataset at the aggregate exporter by selecting fields and choosing how to aggregate and filter the projects.

Supporting Data

The following web services are employed by the China database:

Loan Calculations

Grant element is calculated by the AidData Loan Calculator. For details see: