China Signs Agreement with Bolivia for Purchase of Six Chinese H425 Helicopters [linked to #36006]
$120,687,946.26 to Bolivia in 2011 | ID: 36007

Project Details:

  • Intent: Representational
  • Status: Pipeline: Commitment
  • Sector Comment: H425 Helicopters
  • Debt Uncertain:
  • Commercial:
  • Line of Credit:
  • Is Cofinanced:
  • Ground Truthed:


  • Start (Planned):
  • Start (Actual):
  • End (Planned):
  • End (Actual):

Loan Details:

  • Loan Type: Concessional
  • Interest Rate: 2.0 %
  • Maturity: 20.0 0
  • Grace Period: 5.0 0
  • Grant Element: 54.08 %


  • $120,687,946.26 USD-2014 ($108,729,121.00 USD in 2011)


  • In 2011, Bolivia and China signed 6 bilateral cooperation agreements on agriculture, communications, investment incentives, energy, mining and food security. These agreements included a loan from China to support the purchase of Chinese goods, including six Harbin H425 Helicopters, worth a total of 108 million USD (See #36007). These helicopters were used both for the Bolivian Armed Forces and fighting drug trafficking, with the general goal of promoting civil defense. It is unclear how the rest the of credit was distributed, but sources indicate that it went towards the purchase of other aircraft and oil transportation equipment from China. The loan for the helicopters carries a 20 year maturity with a 2% interest rate and 5 year grace period.

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