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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
108 China China Loans 1.5 billion Shillings for Kipsigak-Serem-Shamakhokho road project 2001 Kenya $43,407,550.30
115 China China Grants 10.4 billion TSH for Chalinze Water Supply Infrastructure Phase 1 (linked to #230 and #30017) 2000 Tanzania $30,150,862.60
117 China An overpass project in Cotonou 2008 Benin $31,750,906.46
119 China China loans 200 million RMB for Letlhakeng-Kang road, Phase 1 2003 Botswana $53,238,709.47
120 China China Exim Bank loans Ghana $28 million for construction of Ofankor-Nsawam highway 2003 Ghana $61,692,225.05
130 China China Funds National Fibre Backbone Project in Ghana 2006 Ghana $55,182,329.79
131 China China loans 250 million yuan to Namibia for railway equipment 2005 Namibia $59,923,458.53
134 China National Fiber-Optic Transmission Phase one 2008 Congo, Dem. Rep. $48,618,575.52
135 China China funds construction of bridge to cross Niger River in Niamey 2006 Niger $73,576,439.72
138 China China constructs power transmission lines 2007 Senegal $79,156,651.67
140 China China assists Senegal in building e-government network 2005 Senegal $196,412,717.98
141 China Construction of terminals, tower and power control center at Ollombo Airport 2007 Congo, Rep. $91,141,785.97
145 China China granted 480 billion CNY for the sewer netwok LOT2 project 2007 Mauritius $102,689,710.27
147 China China funds and implements installation for mobile and fixed networks 2005 Central African Rep. $132,539,307.99
148 China Post election cancellation of debt 2011 Cote D'Ivoire
150 China China Exim Bank loans Sudan $81 million for construction of NEC transmission line 2006 Sudan $148,992,290.43
151 China China provides loans of a total of 162 million USD for rural electricity of Ghana 2006 Ghana $297,984,580.86
152 China Rehabilitation of Luanda Railway 2002 Angola $203,415,860.05
161 China China Extends $180 million USD for Rehabilitation of Maya-Maya International Airport in Brazzaville 2007 Congo, Rep. $292,955,740.62
163 China China funds Nigeria's National Rural Telephony Project (NRPT) Phase 1 and 2 2002 Nigeria $452,035,244.57
165 China China funds $200 million for purchase of communication equipement 2005 Sudan $392,825,435.96
168 China Construction of a new international airport at Nouakchott 2005 Mauritania $267,121,296.45
173 China China loans $297.8 million USD for Papalanto Power Gas Turbine Power Plant Phase II 2005 Nigeria $584,818,867.78
178 China China provided a loan to Sudan for Hydro-Mechanic Components of the Merowe hydroelectric power station 2003 Sudan $1,143,509,457.19
179 China China loans $500 million USD to construct NigComSat2 space satellite 2008 Nigeria $689,456,546.70
183 China Bui Dam Complex (linked to project ID #30801) 2007 Ghana $475,239,312.56
195 China Modernization of the Nigeria railway (linked to #1844) 2006 Nigeria $919,705,496.47
200 China China Exim Bank loans Eritrea 21.45 million USD for telecom network rehabilitation 2005 Eritrea $42,130,528.01
201 China Optical fibre backbone network 2009 Cameroon $70,569,136.95
202 China China grants Kenya $108 million for construction of North and East Road Ring Sections in Nairobi 2000 Kenya $250,611,997.94
205 China China Exim Bank funds expansion of Malabo Power Plant in Equatorial Guinea 2009 Equatorial Guinea
206 China Angola Telecom Network Expansion Project, Phase 1 2002 Angola
208 China Wad Medani Water Treatment Plant 2006 Sudan $53,342,918.80
229 China China funds installation and commissioning of Global Open Trunking Architecture (GOTA) security communications 2008 Nigeria $6,894,565.47
230 China China grants 5.6 billion TSH for Phase II of Chalinze Water Supply (linked to project ID #115) 2007 Tanzania $7,320,416.86
231 China Grant to rehabilitate 17 roads in Gabon with a total length of 9.96 km 2007 Gabon
233 China China Donates High Capacity Generating Unit to Tomegbe, Togo 2007 Togo
234 China Grant to construct the Third Bridge for Mali in Bamako 2007 Mali $83,817,892.45
237 China China funds construction of Poilao dam in Cape Verde 2006 Cape Verde $8,093,408.37
239 China China Exim Bank finances construction of the Gininia-Textile Mill Road in Rwanda 2006 Rwanda
248 China Construction of water supplying systems of Al-Fashir 2005 Sudan $63,834,133.34
276 China Chinese 72 million XAF grant to Cameroon 2002 Cameroon $233,479.83
277 China Chine provides debt relief to Burundi 2001 Burundi $103,949,847.63
278 China Debt Rescheduling for Cameroon 2002 Cameroon $12,971,101.73
281 China China commits 200 million XAF 2003 Cameroon $758,187.39
284 China China rehabilitates and expands Buea District Hospital 2003 Cameroon
285 China Agricultural assistance with FAO 2007 Gabon
287 China Refurbishment and donation of equipment to the Mbalmayo and Guider hospitals 2003 Cameroon $344,975.26
288 China China donates Sports and Office equipment to University of Burundi 2002 Burundi
289 China China loans 243 billion FCFA to construct Memve'ele Dam in Cameroon 2011 Cameroon $601,169,135.65