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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
34512 China Cancellation of US$18 million of debt (linked to #34505) 2004 Afghanistan $37,094,294.05
1899 China Cancellation of debts 2007 Rwanda $260,405,102.77
30087 China Cape Coast Kotokuraba Market Project 2012 Ghana $33,554,486.55
660 China Cassava transformation factory constructed 2009 Gabon
30309 China Changzhou City Police Bureau Donates Laptops Tanzanian Police 2012 Tanzania $10,035.06
22136 China Chemistry analyzers for Chitungwiza Central Hospital 2011 Zimbabwe
1884 China Chia donates computers to The New Times newspaper 2006 Rwanda
30921 China China provides 115 million RMB grant for cooperation projects in Equatorial Guinea 2013 Equatorial Guinea $18,872,046.05
41953 China China $US 0.22m grant for renovation in Micronesia 2009 Micronesia, Federated States of $298,561.73
1108 China China 'relaxes' some of Mozambique's debt 2005 Mozambique $14,730,953.85
1653 China China Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center--Hybrid Rice 2008 Liberia $8,273,478.56
32582 China China Aid Tunisia: Handover Certificate Signed on the Project of Textile Training 2006 Tunisia
33074 China China Aids Cambodia to Build Government Information Technology Building 2012 Cambodia
32660 China China Aids to build the Medical Hospital (Linked to Project #32661) 2009 Niger $114,962,997.79
1740 China China Assists Construction of Ideological Schools in Zanzibar 2006 Tanzania
30290 China China Assists Development of Hybrid Rice Technology in Tanzania 2012 Tanzania
1564 China China Assists Togo with Potable Water Supply Project 2009 Togo
39816 China China Awarded 10 Dominican Students with University Scholarships in 2014 2014 Dominica
47010 China China Builds Chinese Cultural Center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2010 Mongolia
1206 China China Builds New National Stadium 2006 Mozambique $128,758,769.51
35982 China China Builds and Funds Minas San Francisco y la Union Hydroelectric Dam in Ecuador 2011 Ecuador $347,426,032.98
40732 China China Built New Presidential Palace in Mozambique 2007 Mozambique
47026 China China CAMC Loans Sudan $175 Million USD for Khartoum North Thermal Electricity Station 2005 Sudan $343,722,256.46
37807 China China CAMC builds 550 MW El Vigia Thermoelectric Power Plant valued at 956 million USD [Linked #37804] 2010 Venezuela
34576 China China CAMCO loan USD24.9M for Philippines fisheries sector upgrade (Project ID #34701) 2002 Philippines $56,470,502.93
43168 China China CDB Agree Financing for Turkmenistan Gas Fields 2013 Turkmenistan
43153 China China CDB Agrees USD100M Nigeria On-Lending Facility 2013 Nigeria $101,675,336.39
2250 China China Cancels $22 million USD of Debt 2007 Sierra Leone $35,805,701.63
996 China China Cancels 22 million USD of Mozambique's Debt 2001 Mozambique $50,016,792.30
1181 China China Cancels 30 Million USD Debt to Mozambique 2007 Mozambique $48,825,956.77
1579 China China Cancels 70 million USD in Debt 2007 Sudan $113,927,232.46
2305 China China Cancels 8 million USD of Zambia's Debt 2007 Zambia $13,020,255.14
30252 China China Cancels 8.3 billion CFA of Togo's Debt 2012 Togo $17,010,046.98
36779 China China Co-financing fund for LAC commits 50 million USD to Suriname financial sector 2013 Suriname $50,837,668.19
43290 China China Commits $23M USD Soft Loan to Construction of Tanzania National Stadium 2004 Tanzania $47,511,608.29
42494 China China Commits $372M Loan to Ukrainian Air Express Airport Railway 2009 Ukraine $505,261,449.60
40281 China China Commits 20 Jeeps to Kyrgyz Interior Ministry 2002 Kyrgyz Republic $382,295.88
42479 China China Commits 25M RMB to Joint Projects in Ukraine 2009 Ukraine $4,966,389.02
42489 China China Commits 3.5M RMB to Ukraine Flu Relief 2009 Ukraine $695,294.46
43294 China China Commits 60M RMB to Construction of Bridge (linked to ID #43295) 2008 Bangladesh $11,906,589.92
39736 China China Commits A Grant of 30 Million RMB to Jamaica 2011 Jamaica $5,153,574.11
15983 China China Commits Grant Aid for Human Resources Projects to South Africa 2004 South Africa
36376 China China Commits a 5 Million USD grant to Guinea for Ebola relief 2014 Guinea $5,000,000.00
37209 China China Commits to Provide 31.6 million usd in Socioeconomic assistance to Burundi 2014 Burundi $31,600,000.00
40012 China China Commits to Repair FSM Cargo-Passenger Vessel 2009 Micronesia, Federated States of $2,849,907.45
41913 China China Committed a 450 million rupee-loan to Mauritius to finance the Plaines Wilhems Truck Sewer 2000 Mauritius $39,780,351.53
41522 China China Committed to Provide Jordan with 1,000 Tons of Rice and Some Medical Equipment 2003 Jordan
2087 China China Communications Construction pledges to construct 11 bridges in Senegal 2010 Senegal
47369 China China Constructing President’s Guest House for Laos 2014 Laos
40057 China China Constructs 55mil ECD George Oldum Soccer Stadium in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia 2000 St. Lucia $47,269,066.83