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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
2055 China Riad Motors Plant (Inactive) 2008 Morocco $48,927,122.50
32100 China Rice and Cotton Investments (duplicate) (Inactive) 2004 Cambodia
34620 China Rice demonstration farm (duplicate of project ID#34621) (Inactive) 2007 Mozambique $1,953,038.27
12436 China Rice farming project in Uganda (Commitment year too early) (Inactive) 1973 Uganda
2366 China Rice for gold, bauxite delivery, and mining rights (Inactive) 2008 Guinea
14468 China Rice irrigation project in Uganda (Commitment year too early) (Inactive) 1987 Uganda
2352 China Rice, chemical fertilizer, seedlings donation worth 11 billion GNF 2006 Guinea $3,929,792.85
162 China Ring roads in Angola (Inactive) 2004 Angola $350,334,999.33
31886 China Riverway Transform Project for Multipurpose Stadium 2008 Cameroon
30567 China Road Between Fougamou and Mouila (Deactivated: Chinese Firms Implementing not Funding) (Inactive) 2009 Gabon
30985 China Road Equipment District Units 2012 Uganda $138,225.30
30628 China Road Project by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (commercial) (Inactive) 2009 Nigeria $118,482,725.86
1405 China Road Project in Lesotho (Inactive) 2011 Lesotho $85,469,024.09
2037 China Road Project- duplicate with 2034 (Inactive) 2009 Ghana $2,578,487,696.36
392 China Road Rehabilitation Projects in Togo (Linked Project ID #43755, #43756, #43757, #43758) 2009 Togo $241,422,295.37
14709 China Road Renovation Project (Inactive) 2010 Gabon $114,474,528.06
18521 China Road Renovation in Monrovia (Inactive: See #1619) (Inactive) 2007 Liberia
88 China Road and two bridges construction in Addis Ababa (duplicate of #101) (Inactive) 2006 Ethiopia $11,643,471.59
30438 China Road construction for extension and asphalt 2013 Togo
768 China Road construction grant (China or Taiwan?) (Inactive) 2000 Malawi $34,807,221.94
1027 China Road development (Inactive) 2003 Kenya $2,434,384,138.14
1110 China Road project to ease Nairobi traffic congestion- duplicate with 1027/1112 (Inactive) 2007 Kenya $48,825,956.77
2130 China Road project: DUPLICATE of 2129 (Inactive) 2011 Equatorial Guinea $45,576,079.60
1061 China Road projects in Kinshasa (Duplicate of 450) (Inactive) 2008 Congo, Dem. Rep.
31102 China Road to Lekki Free Trade Zone and Another Bridge (duplicate of project ID#31098) (Inactive) 2013 Nigeria
1048 China Roads (Public works) portion of the second phase of 2004 two bln loan from Exim Bank of China (went for project 38) (Inactive) 2004 Angola
30858 China Rohan Desai Project 1 (Inactive) 2004 Zimbabwe $72,127,793.98
30902 China Rohan Desai Project 11 (Inactive) 2011 Niger
30860 China Rohan Desai Project 3 (linked to project ID #30861) (Duplicate of Project ID #183, inactive) (Inactive) 2007 Ghana $914,672,923.49
30861 China Rohan Desai Project 4 (Inactive) 2013 Zimbabwe $16,268,053.82
30863 China Rohan Desai Project 6 (Inactive) 2010 Togo $31,442,452.20
30898 China Rohan Desai Project 7 (Inactive) 2011 Tanzania $1,109,987,325.80
30900 China Rohan Desai Project 9 (duplicate to project ID:#30900) (Inactive) 2004 Sierra Leone
41046 China Rohin Dewan Project 10 - CNOOC in surprise exit of Nigeria oil block-source (Inactive) 2008 Nigeria
40885 China Rohin Dewan Project 3 (Inactive) 2008 Ghana $774,949,158.50
40888 China Rohin Dewan Project 4 - Zimbabwe, China pen US$32 million cooperation agreements (Inactive) 2013 Zimbabwe $32,536,107.64
40935 China Rohin Dewan Project 5 - China to build cement factory in Cape Verde (Inactive) 2006 Cape Verde $101,167,604.61
40990 China Rohin Dewan Project 7 - 2012 worldwide pipeline construction report. (Inactive) 2012 Tanzania $1,059,035,434.79
40945 China Rohin Dewan Project 9 - China committing 266 million to developing Sierra Leone beachfront (Inactive) 2004 Sierra Leone $548,171,234.24
42715 China Romania constructs Chinatown with support from China 2006 Romania $230,751,068.82
42734 China Romania opens school that teaches Chinese in Bucharest (Inactive) Romania
42529 China Romanian PM proposes joint projects with China (Inactive) 2002 Romania
42595 China Romanian and Chinese foreign ministers sign memorandum of understanding (Inactive) 2002 Romania
43069 China Roseneft takes out loan of 10 billion USD out of available 15 from China Development Bank (linked to #43012) 2009 Russia $20,356,481,813.37
30084 China Rural electrification in Northern region (Inactive) 2012 Ghana $128,143,287.61
2363 China Rural school construction (Inactive) 2007 Guinea
2371 China Rural school construction- duplicate with 2363 (Inactive) 2007 Guinea