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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
10 China China commits to train Angolan magistrates 2000 Angola
18 China China Exim Bank approved preferential loan worth 76.5 million RMB for cotton mill 2000 Benin $21,443,104.73
202 China China grants Kenya $108 million for construction of North and East Road Ring Sections in Nairobi 2000 Kenya $250,611,997.94
115 China China Grants 10.4 billion TSH for Chalinze Water Supply Infrastructure Phase 1 (linked to #230 and #30017) 2000 Tanzania $30,150,862.60
337 China China donates flood relief blankets 2000 Botswana
493 China Interest-free loan for Orotta hospital 2000 Eritrea $23,204,814.62
415 China China loans 15 billion XAF to Congo 2000 Congo, Rep. $48,888,176.74
417 China China's Xinhua News provides broadcasting information and equipment to Radio-Television National Congolaise of the DRC 2000 Congo, Dem. Rep.
447 China Exim Bank Loan for Cement plant Joint Venture 2000 Congo, Rep. $56,039,627.32
557 China Aid for drought victims 2000 Ethiopia $464,096.29
570 China De-mining training workshop 2000 Africa, regional, Angola, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Namibia, Rwanda
575 China Donation of Office Equipment 2000 Ethiopia $56,060.40
795 China China builds the National Assembly of Guinea Bissau 2000 Guinea-Bissau $13,922,888.77
935 China Chinese Parliament Donates Funds To Mozambican Flood Victims 2000 Mozambique $464,096.29
1099 China China issues First Loan for Plaines Wilhelms Sewage Project Construction in Mauritius 2000 Mauritius $39,780,351.53
1243 China Ghana acquires loan for electrification project from China 2000 Ghana $68,500,612.77
1444 China China Donates Tractors and Water Pumps to Ministry of Agriculture 2000 Tanzania
1336 China New space science and technology station at Swakopmund 2000 Namibia $4,012,459.13
1356 China China Donates Computers and Training Experts to Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology 2000 Tanzania
1359 China Dodoma City Water Project 2000 Tanzania $10,643,067.80
1360 China China Grants 20,000 USD for Equipment for Ministry of Education and Culture 2000 Tanzania $46,409.63
1783 China China Grants 29 Million TZS to Construct Benjamin Mkapa Olympic Stadium (National Sports Stadium) in Tanzania 2000 Tanzania $84,074,520.71
1785 China China signs agreement with Morocco to provide concessional loans 2000 Morocco
2111 China Chinese finance Investment Center in Zambia 2000 Zambia $5,569,155.51
2141 China Grant to assist refugees 2000 Sudan $69,614.44
2202 China China Donates Agricultural Equipment Worth $250,000 USD 2000 Sierra Leone $580,120.37
2286 China China grants Guinea 12 billion GNF for construction of radio and television station 2000 Guinea $15,940,384.16
2489 China Donation of road maintenance vehicles 2000 Uganda $7,425,540.68
2494 China Donation of television station equipment 2000 Uganda
12382 China China funds renovation of Gabonese National Assembly Building 2000 Gabon $6,033,251.80
14326 China China grants 25 million RMB to Sudan 2000 Sudan $7,007,550.57
16239 China Zimbabwe gets interest-free loan from China for future projects 2000 Zimbabwe $5,606,040.45
16401 China China Donates Office Equipment to Zimbabwe 2000 Zimbabwe $1,401,570.80
17238 China China provides funding to Rwanda for construction of Nyarutarama and Kinyinya roads (linked to project ID#1843) 2000 Rwanda
18672 China China completes Biogas projects 2000 Uganda
19678 China Chinese government awards annual scholarships to students from the DRC 2000 Congo, Dem. Rep.
30946 China China provides $412,911.54 in HR support to Jinja Hospital in Uganda 2000 Uganda $958,153.57
31191 China China to Provide Water Supply Materials to South Africa 2000 South Africa $60,521,258.53
31508 China Donations of Rice and Corn 2000 Congo, Dem. Rep. $1,401,389.78
32016 China Low-interest loan from Chinese bank to finance plywood factory in Cambodia (Linked to Project ID#32071) 2000 Cambodia
32031 China China EXIM Bank concessional loan for Construction of Textile Factory 2000 Cambodia $14,015,101.13
32034 China China donates construction materials to Cambodian King's Working Group (linked to #32045) 2000 Cambodia $280,302.02
32045 China China donates 15,000 USD aid to Cambodian King's Working Group (linked to #32034) 2000 Cambodia $34,807.22
32062 China Restoration of Chau Say Tevoda temple of Angkor Wat 2000 Cambodia $2,803,020.23
32065 China China provides 2 Million Yuan in Flood Relief Goods 2000 Cambodia $560,604.05
32078 China China will donate 5m Yuan of Relief Goods to Cambodia (Linked to Project ID#32065) 2000 Cambodia $1,401,510.11
32080 China EXIMbank loans for Rehabilitation of Kirirom I hydropower dam 2000 Cambodia $35,967,462.67
33925 China 200 million RMB grant for construction of Bangabandhu International Convention Centre 2000 Bangladesh $56,060,404.53
33928 China US$74 million in supplier's credit for power grid rehabilitation 2000 Bangladesh $171,715,628.22
33929 China US$29.11 million in seller's export credit for di-ammonia phosphate fertiliser plant (linked to #39369) 2000 Bangladesh $67,549,215.37