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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
30599 China China to Invest in Bagamoyo Special Economic Zone 2014 Tanzania $2,000,000,000.00
35618 China Donation of medicine and equipment 2014 Uganda $1,627,754.09
47040 China China Exim Bank Loans Mongolia $12.1 Million USD for Tractors and Agricultural Equipment 2014 Mongolia $12,100,000.00
43867 China [EBOLA] China Commits RMB 1M in Medical Materials 2014 Sierra Leone $162,775.41
39399 China China provides 115,000 kina in medical supplies to PNG hospital 2014 Papua New Guinea $46,721.66
33946 China China loans Bangladesh $87 million to fund paper mill modernisation 2014 Bangladesh $87,000,000.00
34154 China China funds construction of hospital in Kiffa, Mauritania (2014) 2014 Mauritania $19,901,006.11
35327 China China to loan 2 billion USD in aid to Africa (linked to #31779) 2014 Africa, regional $2,000,000,000.00
36138 China China provides assistance for Ebola prevention in Benin 2014 Benin $840,000.00
36022 China China donates 5 million RMB worth of materials to Burundi elections 2014 Burundi $813,877.05
36108 China China donates 180 million yuan to Angola 2014 Angola $29,299,573.70
36094 China Chinese donated $20,000 USD anti-poaching equipment to Kenya 2014 Kenya $20,000.00
36024 China China commits 31.6 million USD for development projects in Burundi 2014 Burundi $31,600,000.00
36035 China Chinese investors to build economic zone near Nairobi 2014 Kenya $750,000,000.00
36051 China China to donate 10 million USD for wildlife conservation 2014 Kenya $10,000,000.00
36128 China China grants 80 million RMB to Tunisia for economic and technical cooperation (linked to ID #36129) 2014 Tunisia $13,022,032.75
36206 China China donates 5 million CNY in medical supplies to Ghana for ebola outbreak 2014 Ghana $813,877.05
36076 China Chinese Ambassador Donates $3,000 USD to Construct Tanzanian School 2014 Tanzania $3,000.00
36078 China China extends 200 million USD soft loan to Tanzania for the Kidunda dam 2014 Tanzania $200,000,000.00
36090 China China donates solar energy kit systems to Rwanda 2014 Rwanda $642,304.00
36144 China China grants Sudan 36 million USD for agricultural projectes (linked to #36145, #36146) 2014 Sudan $36,000,000.00
36070 China China grants 52 billion Tanzanian shillings for development projects 2014 Tanzania $31,438,850.17
36146 China China loans Sudan 76 million USD for agricultural investment (linked to #36144, #36145) 2014 Sudan $76,000,000.00
36071 China China offers Tanzania 26 billion Tanzanian shilling interest-free loan 2014 Tanzania $15,719,425.08
36075 China China donates 30 million shillings to Tanzania for flood relief 2014 Tanzania $18,137.80
36161 China China donates money for exercise equipment to Botswana charity 2014 Botswana $19,496.25
36109 China China-Africa Development fund invested in Anzhong International commercial logistic Zone 2014 Angola $1,532,000,000.00
36145 China China loans Sudan 14 million USD for agricultural projects (Linked to Project ID #36144, #36146) 2014 Sudan $14,000,000.00
36148 China CDB provided $2 billion USD loan to Sonangol 2014 Angola $2,000,000,000.00
36150 China China Exim Bank loans 300 million USD to Morocco to finance coal-powered plant 2014 Morocco $300,000,000.00
36190 China China provides 3.3 million USD to Mauritania for sanitation 2014 Mauritania $3,300,000.00
36248 China China grants Djibouti 16 million USD for health and education projects 2014 Djibouti $16,000,000.00
36403 China China signs grant agreement for 180 million RMB for technical projects (Linked to project #36406 #36405 #36404) 2014 Togo $29,299,573.70
36404 China China to provide 50 million RMB for technical projects (Linked Projects #36403 #36405 #36406) 2014 Togo $8,138,770.47
36405 China Exim Bank to provide 628 million RMB soft loan for second stage of road construction (Linked to project #36406 #36403 #36404) 2014 Togo $102,222,957.12
36277 China Chinese Hanergy invests USD500m into Ivory Coast renewable energy 2014 Cote D'Ivoire $500,000,000.00
36278 China China loans Ivory Coast 91.48 million USD for water infrastructure 2014 Cote D'Ivoire $91,480,000.00
36259 China China donates materials worth 1 million ETB to Tinbite Ermiyas School in Ethiopia 2014 Ethiopia $58,890.68
36053 China China pledges 2 billion KSH grant to Kenya 2014 Kenya $22,747,392.85
36235 China CNNC invests 190 million USD in Namibian uranium mine 2014 Namibia $190,000,000.00