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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
1 China 29th medical team to Mauritania 2010 Mauritania
2 China China extracts 1.9 million tonnes of raw material [not a project] (Inactive) 2009 Mauritania
3 China China issues 2 billion yuan loan to fund Port of Friendship expansion project in Mauritania 2008 Mauritania $396,886,330.78
4 China China Funds Construction of Luanda's Gentral Hospital in Kilamba Kiaxi 2001 Angola $13,640,943.35
5 China China pledges debt remission to Angola 2001 Angola $18,187,924.47
6 China China grants $600,000 USD in food aid for flood victims 2001 Angola $1,364,094.34
7 China Chinese finance Benin economic and trade development center 2007 Benin $10,696,844.82
9 China China extends a loan of 50 million USD to the Angloan government 2001 Angola $113,674,527.95
10 China China commits to train Angolan magistrates 2000 Angola
11 China Construction of oil refinery 2001 Angola $7,957,216,956.31
12 China China pledges furniture for Angolan Chancellory 2001 Angola $54,934,681.40
13 China Computers and Sewing Machines 2001 Angola
14 China Emergency Humanitarian Aid following Earthquake 2003 Algeria $1,330,967.74
17 China Construction of airport terminal in Algiers (Inactive) 2003 Algeria $506,757,562.92
18 China China Exim Bank approved preferential loan worth 76.5 million RMB for cotton mill 2000 Benin $21,443,104.73
19 China Huawei Wins Telecom Deal (Inactive) 2004 Algeria
20 China ICBC and European financial institution fund $32 million telecommunications construction and supply project 2003 Algeria
21 China China loans 117 million BWP for medium and low cost houses 2004 Botswana $51,378,371.41
22 China Grant for human resource training and purchase of equipment 2004 Botswana $878,262.76
23 China China Finances Multi-Purpose Youth Centre 2004 Botswana $19,577,544.08
24 China China provides debt relief to Benin during tour 2006 Benin
25 China Local Hospital (Inactive: same as #688) (Inactive) 2003 Botswana
26 China China provides 30 million RMB loan to Benin 2007 Benin $6,418,106.89
28 China Administrative Structure Aid 2006 Benin
29 China 11th Chinese Medical Team 2005 Botswana
30 China China provides Botswana 30 million RMB interest-free loan 2005 Botswana $7,190,815.02
31 China Eximbank loan for housing project 2006 Botswana $17,333,396.83
32 China China trains 92 people from Benin 2005 Benin
33 China China provides improved technology to Botswana Democratic Party 2006 Botswana $220,729.32
35 China Social Projects Grant (Inactive) 2004 Angola $4,121,588,227.40
36 China Phase 1: Grant for Projects Under National Development Plan 2009 Botswana $1,986,555.61
37 China 20 million RMB Grant for National Development Plan 2009 Botswana $3,973,111.22
38 China Construction Primary Schools 2007 Botswana $2,139,368.96
39 China China sends 3 agricultural experts 2009 Botswana
40 China ICBC loans 825 million for Morupule B Power Station expansion project 2009 Botswana $1,119,606,499.74
41 China China donates table tennis equipment to Botswana 2009 Botswana
42 China China donates photocopier and computer to primary school 2009 Botswana $3,793.35
43 China China and Benin sign 40M RMB 2008 Benin $7,937,726.62
45 China Benin's Biofuel Joint Venture 2010 Benin
46 China Confucius Institute at University of Botswana 2007 Botswana
47 China China grants 900,000 USD in demining equipment to Angola in 2002 2002 Angola $2,034,158.60
48 China Buying Goods for UNITA Soldiers 2002 Angola $1,365,342.41
49 China China donates $300,000 USD worth of medicine, equipment and humanitarian aid 2002 Angola $678,052.87
50 China Railway Repairs (Inactive) 2002 Angola $203,415,860.05
51 China China donates computers to Angola political party 2002 Angola
52 China China donates tuberculosis medicine worth $300,000 USD 2003 Angola $660,988.13
53 China China provides $16.6 million loan to Sierra Leone for wireless network upgrade 2008 Sierra Leone $22,889,957.35
55 China Solar Energy training (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2004 Angola
56 China China loaned $300 million USD to rehabilitate railway, electrical energy network, drinking water system and other areas (duplicate of #39153) (Inactive) 2003 Angola $660,988,125.54
57 China Journalist exchange 2004 Angola