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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
34488 China China donates $500,000 in drought relief to Afghanistan 2000 Afghanistan $1,160,240.73
34625 China Funding for construction of Multi Functional Centre of Presidential Palace 2008 Afghanistan $6,489,091.51
34627 China China funds 15 million USD construction of Chinese Language Department building and Guest House, Kabul University 2010 Afghanistan $18,865,471.32
34629 China Donation of 100 ambulances 2011 Afghanistan $4,439,949.30
34643 China China to provide 4.3 million RMB to Afghanistan Ministry of Interior 2012 Afghanistan $721,421.46
34645 China 1st U.S.-China join training program for Afghan diplomats 2012 Afghanistan
34583 China China donates $1 million to Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health 2010 Afghanistan $1,257,698.09
34585 China China donates $250,000 worth of humanitarian items to Afghanistan 2010 Afghanistan $314,424.52
34497 China China Provides Aid for Afghan Refugees through UNHCR 2001 Afghanistan $274,673.41
34499 China China Donates Animals to Kabul Zoo 2002 Afghanistan $271,221.15
34502 China China provides $3.6 million grant to Afghanistan for renovation of Kabul hospital (Linked Project ID #34498) 2002 Afghanistan $8,136,634.40
34505 China China cancels all of Afghanistan's debt (linked to #34512) 2002 Afghanistan
34506 China China donates meteorological equipment to Afghanistan 2003 Afghanistan
34507 China China donates 2m RMB for schools for war orphans in Afghanistan 2003 Afghanistan $532,387.09
34510 China Donation of US$1.1 million in stationery items 2003 Afghanistan $2,423,623.13
34511 China China donates equipment to Afghan Bakhtar Agency 2003 Afghanistan
34512 China Cancellation of US$18 million of debt (linked to #34505) 2004 Afghanistan $37,094,294.05
34515 China Donation of US$1.4 million in equipment and vehicles (linked to #34500) 2004 Afghanistan $2,885,111.76
34516 China China donates $1m in office and sports equipment to Afghan government (Linked to Project ID#34515) 2004 Afghanistan $2,060,794.11
34520 China China donates $1m in aid to Afghan parliament 2006 Afghanistan $1,839,410.99
34523 China China donates $1.3m in goods to Afghan refugees (Linked to #34524) 2007 Afghanistan $2,115,791.46
34524 China China donates $200,000 to Afghan refugees (linked to #34523) 2007 Afghanistan $325,506.38
34528 China China donates 4,380 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan 2008 Afghanistan
34530 China 50 million Yuan in grant for consultative projects 2008 Afghanistan $9,922,158.27
34531 China Donation of 30 million RMB of wheat to Afghanistan 2008 Afghanistan $5,953,294.96
34533 China China makes $500,000 contribution to Afghan presidential elections 2009 Afghanistan $678,549.39
34679 China China to train 300 Afghan police officers 2012 Afghanistan
34721 China 2nd U.S.-China joint training program for Afghan diplomats (linked to project ID#34645) 2013 Afghanistan
34722 China China opens Confucius Institute in Kabul University, Afghanistan 2013 Afghanistan
37865 China China provides anti-terrorism and anti-drug training to police officers of Afghanistan (Linked to Project ID#37849) 2014 Afghanistan
37873 China China provides $1 million spot exchange for Afghan government startup funds 2001 Afghanistan $2,273,490.56
37874 China 30 million CNY of emergency material assistance 2001 Afghanistan $8,240,202.21
37883 China Donation of US$1.79 million in dredging equipment 2009 Afghanistan $2,425,814.08
37889 China China donates material supplies to Afghanistan presidential palace 2011 Afghanistan
37895 China China to assist Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs with official limousines/cars 2014 Afghanistan
37896 China China commits to training medical personnel at Afghanistan's Jamhuriat Hospital 2014 Afghanistan
37898 China China to assist Afghanistan's Ministry of Public Works with office supplies 2011 Afghanistan
38828 China Chinese Embassy donates television and sports equipment to Afghan school (Linked to Project ID#34507) 2009 Afghanistan
38972 China 80 million RMB in grant 2007 Afghanistan $17,114,951.71
43169 China China donates 200m yuan to Afghanistan 2013 Afghanistan $32,820,949.66
698 China Debt Reduction or Exemption Agreement (unclear which) 2002 Africa, regional, Cote D'Ivoire
570 China De-mining training workshop 2000 Africa, regional, Angola, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Namibia, Rwanda
601 China Mine-Sweeping Equipment and Training for multiple African Nations 2001 Africa, regional, Angola, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Namibia, Rwanda
823 China Doctor Visit for the Blind 2010 Africa, regional, Zimbabwe
845 China China provides interest-free loan for renovation of TAZARA railway 2009 Africa, regional, Tanzania, Zambia $54,148,241.62
784 China De-mining training courses 2007 Africa, regional, Angola, Burundi, Chad, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique
799 China China provides debt relief to Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, and East Timor 2010 Africa, regional, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Timor-Leste
1130 China Training for new leather technology 2008 Africa, regional
1087 China Agricultural experts and technicians 2003 Africa, regional, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali
1364 China TAZARA - Railway Grant 2001 Africa, regional, Tanzania, Zambia $27,237,942.83