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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
180 China Construction of two additional electricity generation units at Hwange (Inactive) 2004
584 China $5m aid for development to Gabon (Duplicate of 583) (Inactive) 2000
595 China Administrative building in Libreville, Gabon (Inactive) 2000
648 China 1.9 billion dollar deals with unnamed African countries (Inactive) 2006
649 China 1.9 billion dollar deals to 11 unnamed African countries (Inactive) 2006
521 China Cancelling 31 African countries' debts totalling US $1.27 billion (Inactive) 2003
889 China Exempted tariffs on African (Inactive) 2005
1200 China 1200 (No title) (Inactive) 2009
2484 China China to cancel 1.2 billion dollars of African debt (Inactive) 2000 $2,784,577,754.85
2487 China China, Africa stengthen ties --- Package of 14 deals valued at $1.9 billion competes with West (Inactive) 2006 $2,943,057,588.72
17806 China Zimbabwe Purchases Chinese Fighters and Missiles (Inactive) 2005
19422 China China corporation to exploit coal mine in Zimbabwe (Inactive) 2007
21430 China China-Zimbabwe sign loan for telecom infrastructure (Inactive) 2010
28162 China MoU for infrastructure (Inactive) 2004 $7,418,858.81
25577 China title (Inactive) 2004 $515,198.53
30152 China Renovation of Ndola and Maina Soko Military Hospital, Zambia (Inactive) 2012
30684 China Omafo to Outapi Road (Inactive) 2013
34580 China Chinese firm is building 53km road in Afghanistan's Wardak Province (Inactive) Afghanistan
34584 China China Reconstructing Jamhuriat Hospital (duplicate of #34502) (Inactive) 2004 Afghanistan
34599 China Chinese firm pledged to build railway in Afghanistan in 2007 (duplicate of project ID#34631) (Inactive) 2007 Afghanistan
34602 China China to donate 50 ambulances to Afghan Ministry of Public Health (duplicate of project ID#34629) (Inactive) 2011 Afghanistan
34603 China China to donate 150 million yuan to Afghanistan for education, agriculture, other sectors (duplicate of project ID#34601) (Inactive) 2011 Afghanistan $25,767,870.53
34624 China China to fund reconstruction of irrigation canal in Afghanistan (Duplicate of Project ID#34509) (Inactive) 2011 Afghanistan
34626 China China to fund reconstruction of Afghan Ministry of Education facility (Duplicate of Project ID#34627) (Inactive) 2011 Afghanistan
34628 China China to finance construction of Chinese Language Department at Afghan university (Duplicate of Project ID#34627) (Inactive) 2011 Afghanistan
34631 China Chinese firm agrees to build railroad from Afghan mine to Pakistani border (merged with #34659) (Inactive) 2008 Afghanistan
34644 China China to provide 24 million dollars in aid to Afghanistan (duplicate of project ID#34601) (Inactive) 2012 Afghanistan $25,416,850.43
34645 China 1st U.S.-China join training program for Afghan diplomats 2012 Afghanistan
34671 China Shaanxi Normal University provides scholarships to Afghan students from Kabul University (Linked to Project ID#34665) 2013 Afghanistan
34495 China China pledges 30m RMB in government reconstruction aid to Afghanistan (duplicate of #37874) (Inactive) 2001 Afghanistan $8,240,202.21
34505 China China cancels all of Afghanistan's debt (linked to #34512) 2002 Afghanistan
34506 China China donates meteorological equipment to Afghanistan 2003 Afghanistan
34509 China China provides funding for Parwan Irrigation Project (Duplicate of Project ID#34498) (Inactive) 2004 Afghanistan $30,911,911.71
34513 China China donates $15m to Afghanistan for reconstruction (duplicate of #34498) (Inactive) 2004 Afghanistan $30,911,911.71
34518 China China pledges 80 million RMB in aid to Afghanistan (duplicate of project ID#34526) (Inactive) 2006 Afghanistan $18,455,385.65
34526 China 80 million Yuan in Grant (Duplicate of #38972) (Inactive) 2006 Afghanistan $18,455,385.65
34527 China Confucius Institute at Kabul University (Duplicate of Project ID#34722) (Inactive) 2008 Afghanistan
34528 China China donates 4,380 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan 2008 Afghanistan
34674 China China trains Afghan military officials (linked to #34517) (duplicate of #34679) (Inactive) 2013 Afghanistan
34721 China 2nd U.S.-China joint training program for Afghan diplomats (linked to project ID#34645) 2013 Afghanistan
34722 China China opens Confucius Institute in Kabul University, Afghanistan 2013 Afghanistan