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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
1 China 29th medical team to Mauritania 2010 Mauritania
10 China China commits to train Angolan magistrates 2000 Angola
13 China Computers and Sewing Machines 2001 Angola
20 China ICBC and European financial institution fund $32 million telecommunications construction and supply project 2003 Algeria
24 China China provides debt relief to Benin during tour 2006 Benin
29 China 11th Chinese Medical Team 2005 Botswana
32 China China trains 92 people from Benin 2005 Benin
39 China China sends 3 agricultural experts 2009 Botswana
41 China China donates table tennis equipment to Botswana 2009 Botswana
46 China Confucius Institute at University of Botswana 2007 Botswana
51 China China donates computers to Angola political party 2002 Angola
57 China Journalist exchange 2004 Angola
205 China China Exim Bank funds expansion of Malabo Power Plant in Equatorial Guinea 2009 Equatorial Guinea
206 China Angola Telecom Network Expansion Project, Phase 1 2002 Angola
231 China Grant to rehabilitate 17 roads in Gabon with a total length of 9.96 km 2007 Gabon
233 China China Donates High Capacity Generating Unit to Tomegbe, Togo 2007 Togo
239 China China Exim Bank finances construction of the Gininia-Textile Mill Road in Rwanda 2006 Rwanda
148 China Post election cancellation of debt 2011 Cote D'Ivoire
353 China Public housing project 2003 Central African Rep.
367 China 12th Chinese medical team 2006 Cape Verde
369 China China Exim Bank extends loan to Congo to build the No.1 National Highway 2006 Congo, Rep.
370 China China cancels debt of Cape Verde 2007 Cape Verde
371 China China constructs two rural schools in Cape Verde 2007 Cape Verde
376 China Organization of a Census 2003 Central African Rep.
394 China China signs agreement with Comoros providing medical teams 2003 Comoros
395 China Radio and Television Building 2005 Comoros
301 China Chinese Governmental Scholarship 2010/2011 2010 Botswana
311 China Hu cancels Cameroon debt 2007 Cameroon
317 China Computers donated to CRTV 2007 Cameroon
337 China China donates flood relief blankets 2000 Botswana
338 China Delivery of Chinese buses 2010 Cameroon
284 China China rehabilitates and expands Buea District Hospital 2003 Cameroon
285 China Agricultural assistance with FAO 2007 Gabon
288 China China donates Sports and Office equipment to University of Burundi 2002 Burundi
295 China China's Shaanxi province sends agricultural experts to Cameroon for rice-growing pilot program 2005 Cameroon
296 China China Constructs Mvomeka Primary School 2006 Cameroon
512 China China loans 50 million for Investment Headquarters 2006 Egypt
532 China Medical rescue training exercise 2007 Gabon
543 China Egyptian remote education system Phase I (linked to #500) 2002 Egypt
546 China China establishes Confucius Institute in Cairo 2007 Egypt
472 China China provides debt relief 2001 Equatorial Guinea
477 China China funds construction of road in Equatorial Guinea to link cities of Mongomo and Bata 2005 Equatorial Guinea
478 China Radio Bata building 2005 Equatorial Guinea
498 China China co-financed and constructed the parliamentary complex of Cote D'Ivoire (Linked to Project #858) 2004 Cote D'Ivoire
502 China Mushroom farm 2004 Egypt
417 China China's Xinhua News provides broadcasting information and equipment to Radio-Television National Congolaise of the DRC 2000 Congo, Dem. Rep.
431 China China funds construction of childcare center in Djibouti 2004 Djibouti
660 China Cassava transformation factory constructed 2009 Gabon
667 China China financed a Low income housing project 2009 Egypt
672 China Egypt gets Chinese Cultural Center 2003 Egypt