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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
180 China Construction of two additional electricity generation units at Hwange (Inactive) 2004
186 China Duplicate: Aacreage in Mudug, in the Somalian autonomous region of Puntland (Inactive) 2007 Somalia
118 China Jointly develop a gold mine 2006 Eritrea
132 China China agreed to provide Loans for Cote d'Ivoire 2011 Cote D'Ivoire
133 China Duplicate: Malarial Research centre in Abidjan (Inactive) 2011 Cote D'Ivoire
148 China Post election cancellation of debt 2011 Cote D'Ivoire
51 China China donates computers to Angola political party 2002 Angola
55 China Solar Energy training (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2004 Angola
1 China 29th medical team to Mauritania 2010 Mauritania
2 China China extracts 1.9 million tonnes of raw material [not a project] (Inactive) 2009 Mauritania
10 China China commits to train Angolan magistrates 2000 Angola
13 China Computers and Sewing Machines 2001 Angola
19 China Huawei Wins Telecom Deal (Inactive) 2004 Algeria
25 China Local Hospital (Inactive: same as #688) (Inactive) 2003 Botswana
28 China Administrative Structure Aid 2006 Benin
29 China 11th Chinese Medical Team 2005 Botswana
32 China China trains 92 people from Benin 2005 Benin
39 China China sends 3 agricultural experts 2009 Botswana
45 China Benin's Biofuel Joint Venture 2010 Benin
203 China Kiwira coal powered project (Duplicate of 1906) (Inactive) 2007 Tanzania
206 China Angola Telecom Network Expansion Project, Phase 1 2002 Angola
213 China Maize cultivation training (Inactive) 2003 Africa, regional, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe
214 China Duplicate: Exploration rights for copper mine (?????) (Inactive) 2006 Eritrea
218 China License for the exploration of Block BILMA (Duplicate of 137) (Inactive) 2003 Niger
220 China Exploration licenses for Manica 2003 Mozambique
222 China Khartoum Refinery (KRC) (Commitment before 2000) (Inactive) 1997 Sudan
225 China A joint venture with Zimbabwe National Power Company to develop and operate the Sinamatella Coal Field and coal fields in Western Zimbabwe (Duplicate 18084) (Inactive) 2007 Zimbabwe
231 China Grant to rehabilitate 17 roads in Gabon with a total length of 9.96 km 2007 Gabon
232 China Rehabilitate 6 roads in N'Djamena (Inactive) 2007 Chad
233 China China Donates High Capacity Generating Unit to Tomegbe, Togo 2007 Togo
239 China China Exim Bank finances construction of the Gininia-Textile Mill Road in Rwanda 2006 Rwanda
240 China Rehabilitation of some roads in the North of the capital (Inactive) 2009 Madagascar
244 China China pledges to construct 250mW coal power plant in Senegal 2006 Senegal
245 China Electricity transmission lines [Duplicate of #34848 and #34789] (Inactive) 2006 Angola
247 China Build a CDMA 2000 1X network with a capacity of 500,000 lines for Kasapa Telecom (Inactive) 2005 Ghana
271 China test (Inactive) 2001 Cameroon
273 China Renovation of the Yaounde Conference Centre - duplicate of 274 (Inactive) 2002 Cameroon
275 China Accord for commercial, economic and technical cooperation (Inactive) 2002 Cameroon
282 China Not a project: Lagdo Dam (Inactive) 1977 Cameroon
283 China Ngoussou Gynecology-Pediatric-Obstetric hospital (merged with project ID#314) (Inactive) 2003 Cameroon
284 China China rehabilitates and expands Buea District Hospital 2003 Cameroon
285 China Agricultural assistance with FAO 2007 Gabon
288 China China donates Sports and Office equipment to University of Burundi 2002 Burundi
292 China Qinghai pledges to rehabilitate and equip Gitega hospital 2005 Burundi
293 China Cement, construction equipment, structural steel, and Chinese truck transportation (Inactive) 1993 Angola, Cameroon, Gabon
294 China Eximbank loan- many projects; better use as an aggregate estimate (Inactive) 2006 Cameroon
295 China China's Shaanxi province sends agricultural experts to Cameroon for rice-growing pilot program 2005 Cameroon
296 China China Constructs Mvomeka Primary School 2006 Cameroon
297 China China helps build highways in Cameroon (Inactive) 2006 Cameroon
298 China Grant (Inactive) 2007 Cameroon