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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2009)
30566 China New Building for Gabon Television (not funded by China, only evidence of CMEC as a contracted implementing agency) (Inactive) Gabon
30417 China China-Nigeria Friendship Hospital (duplicate of #30967) (Inactive) Nigeria
30701 China StarTimes enters discussion for digital television project (not a project) (Inactive) Benin
34580 China Chinese firm is building 53km road in Afghanistan's Wardak Province (Inactive) Afghanistan
34939 China Gibe IV Hydropower Dam (Duplicate of Project ID #34940) (Inactive) Ethiopia
34941 China Halele Werabes Hydropower Project (deactivated - duplicate of #1379) (Inactive) Ethiopia
35760 China Chinese-aided Laos International Conference Center Project is complete (Inactive) Laos
35704 China Chinese Grant funds development projects (duplicate, deactivated) (Inactive) Costa Rica
37680 China China Offers 440M Yuan To Rebuilding Nuku'alofa (Inactive) Tonga
37701 China China Gives Aircraft to Tonga Defence Services (linked with #37699) (duplicate of project ID#37733) (Inactive) Tonga
37586 China 2012 worldwide pipeline construction report (Inactive) Tanzania
37725 China China Invests 1.6M Pa'anga For Tongan Agriculture (duplicate of project ID#39241) (Inactive) Tonga
37791 China Chinese - aided projects in Vanuatu (Inactive) Vanuatu
38105 China China and New Zealand to provide solar panels to Cook Islands (not a project) (Inactive) Cook Islands
38250 China China UnionPay collaborates with the Commercial Bank of Ceylon (Inactive) Sri Lanka
39027 China Diamer-Basha hydropower project (Inactive) Pakistan
38893 China China's Huawei Company invests in joint venture with Hong Kong's Tricom Co. Ltd to expand communications in Thailand (duplicate of #38892) (Inactive) Thailand
39983 China China funds construction of Convention Centre in Montego Bay, Jamaica (Inactive) Jamaica
39827 China China provides funding for Modern Horticulture Demonstrative Center in Dominica (Inactive) Dominica
35465 China Zimbabwe, China pen USD32 million cooperation agreements (duplicate of projects ID#30135 and ID#30802) (Inactive) Zimbabwe
36011 China Duplicate of #36010 China Minmetals to invest 2 billion USD in copper and aluminum projects in Brazil (Inactive) Brazil
37301 China China establishes two Confucius institutes in Chile (The specific Confucius Institutes have been recorded) (Inactive) Chile
37999 China China to construct accommodation for F-FDTL of Timor-Leste (duplicate of #35336) (Inactive) Timor-Leste
38007 China China sends medical team to Timor-Leste (merged with #38011) (Inactive) Timor-Leste
38435 China China upgrades Pakistan's KKH in Attabad Lake area (Inactive) Pakistan
38334 China China loans Sri Lanka for the construction of the Colombo Airport Highway (Duplicate of #33437) (Inactive) Sri Lanka
38664 China Chinese enterprises invest in contracted projects in Thailand (Inactive) Thailand
38607 China China loans US$270 million to Indonesia for power plant (Fast-track program) (Inactive) Indonesia
39038 China Pakistan acquires from China T-85 tanks (Inactive) Pakistan
39048 China China provides M-9 (Ghaznavi/Hatf) missiles to Pakistan (Inactive) Pakistan
39134 China China provides Pakistan with missile M-11 (Shaheen) (Inactive) Pakistan
39565 China [DUPLICATE #40162] China implements Moinak Hydropower Plant (Inactive) Kazakhstan
39566 China China implements asphalt plan in Kazakhstan (duplicate of project ID#40265) (Inactive) Kazakhstan
39617 China China implements joint construction of Silk Road Economic Zone [deactivated - not a project] (Inactive) Kyrgyz Republic
40737 China China Finances Maputo Airport with Concessional Loan (Inactive) Mozambique
40881 China China provides TAZARA railway supplies (Inactive) Tanzania, Zambia
41099 China Chinese delegation explores the possibility of a "Mini-Chinatown" in Bahrain Resort (Inactive) Bahrain
41136 China China pledges to provide technical support for construction of 50,000 homes in Bahrain (not a project) (Inactive) Bahrain
41173 China Ports of Shanghai and Manzanillo Sign MoU to Improve Activity Between the Two Ports (Not a project) (Inactive) Mexico
41211 China (Deactivated - no $ flow) Chinese investors plan $32m in investments to Bahrain in a variety of industries (Inactive) Bahrain
41272 China China extends the credits to $50 billion USD for Iran's industry, development and economic programs (Inactive) Iran
41294 China China's Yifang Acquires $60m Israeli Pegasus Technologies (Inactive) Israel
41295 China China's Sanhua Holding Group invest $10.5m into Israeli solar energy firm (Inactive) Israel