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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
41167 China (Deactivated - implementation of contract) Chinese company invests $114.7m US Dollar in airport terminal building (Inactive) 2006 Yemen $210,980,440.89
46446 China (Deactivated project already exists)China provides $2B loan to Chad (Inactive) 2011 Chad $2,219,974,651.60
755 China -ID 442 Jinchuan acquires a 70 % stake in Kenya mine 2009 Kenya $33,927,469.69
2422 China 1 Billion Dollar Railway (Duplicate 2278) (Inactive) 2008 Libya $1,378,913,093.41
1276 China 1 billion USD for oil and gas exploration and development 2005 Namibia $1,964,127,179.80
18215 China 100,000 Hectare Maize Farming 2005 Zimbabwe
34309 China 4 billion USD pledge for Bangkok-Kunming section of Trans-Asian Railway 2002 Thailand $9,040,704,891.32
92 China 65% stake in oil and gas exploration block 20 2005 Mauritania $16,891,493.75
192 China Acquisition of a 51% stake in the Kaduna refinery and rehabilitation 2004 Nigeria $4,121,588,227.40
30020 China Agricultural Cooperation Project 2009 Ghana $13,570,987.88
30023 China Algerian Special Economic Zone 2008 Algeria
2348 China Aluminum refinery 2005 Guinea
39093 China Baosteel makes offer for 30% of Anglo American mine in Brazil 2009 Brazil $2,171,358,060.09
36357 China Brazil's Vale and China's Baosteel to build steel factory in Maranhão 2004 Brazil $494,590,587,288.23
35093 China Bt20b loan to Thailand telecommunications company 2007 Thailand $942,999,813.10
630 China CMEC iron infrastructure in Belinga 2006 Gabon $1,055,333,210.06
518 China CMEC iron infrastructure in Belinga- duplicate with 630 (Inactive) 2008 Gabon $908,940,791.00
2139 China CNOOC in talks to buy offshore oil blocs 2009 Nigeria
32782 China CNOOC pulls out from role in Nigerian oil extraction project 2008 Nigeria $110,313,047.47
35488 China CNOOC surprise exit of Nigeria oil block-source (Inactive) 2006 Nigeria $110,364,659.58
43301 China CNPC and Encanan Sign Multibillion Dollar Deal for Shale Projects in Canada 2010 Canada
35734 China CNPC looks to buy Eni's oil block in Ecuador [Linked to #35949] (Inactive) 2003 Ecuador
36060 China CNPC owns 30% stake in $100 million investment for 3 Colombian oil blocks 2008 Colombia $41,367,392.80
43077 China CNPC to invest $700 million in building oil pipe from Russia's Angarsk oil field 2002 Russia $1,582,123,355.98
39105 China CRCC won the bid of a rail project in Mexico (Project cancelled) (Inactive) 2012 Mexico $3,971,382,880.45
30765 China China Cancels 80 million USD Loan Stake in Nigerian Oil Project (Duplicate of Project ID #32782, inactive) (Inactive) 2008 Nigeria $110,313,047.47
40048 China China Commits $5.5 million to Construct a National Sports Complex 2002 Kiribati $12,430,969.23
39845 China China Commits to Helping Building a Smelter-Plant in Trinidad and Tobago 2008 Trinidad & Tobago
35891 China China Considering Financing Construction of Hydroelectric Power Plants in Bolivia (Inactive) 2008 Bolivia
36824 China China Cooperates with Argentina in Offshore Exploration (Inactive) 2004 Argentina $10,303,970,568.50
39624 China China Donates Photo-voltaic Park (duplicate of #39623) (Inactive) 2013 Cuba
49080 China China Exim Bank loans $500 million for phase 2 of Northrail 2002 Philippines $1,130,088,111.42
40049 China China Funds Communications Satilite in Kiribati 1996 Kiribati
38629 China China National Agricultural Development Group Corporation pledges to invest in land to produce soy and corn in the Midwest lands 2010 Brazil
34458 China China Nonferrous Metal Industry offers equipment and loan to Philippine Toledo copper mine 2000 Philippines $4,640,962,924.75
40062 China China abandons promise to construct 6.7mil ECD Cultural Complex in St. Lucia 2006 St. Lucia $4,564,464.32
38695 China China and Bangladesh sign 211 million USD agreement for funding first phase of a stored program control project (project cancelled and replaced by #34023) (Inactive) 2005 Bangladesh $414,430,834.94
41492 China China commits to invest USD2b in Iran dam construction 2011 Iran $2,219,974,651.60
40059 China China constructs a $4.8 million USD psychiatric hospital in St. Lucia 2004 St. Lucia
35866 China China extends 50 million RMB credit line to Ecuador for agricultural projects 2009 Ecuador $40,712,963.63
33384 China China funds $500 million multifunctional complex in Sri Lanka 2011 Sri Lanka $554,993,662.90
39031 China China funds coal based power plants of 660 MW each at Gaddani (Inactive) 2014 Pakistan
38257 China China funds the NorthRail Project Phase I in Philippines (duplicate of #34700) (Inactive) 2012 Philippines $423,614,173.91
38259 China China funds the NorthRail Project Phase II in Philippines (duplicate of #34700) (Inactive) 2012 Philippines $529,517,717.39
1905 China China helps set up Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank 2009 Tanzania $678,549,393.78
34732 China China invest Bt21b in Thai tobacco factory 2003 Thailand $1,115,333,164.57
42314 China China invests $600M for Belarus airport reconstruction (Linked to #42302) 2010 Belarus
34320 China China invests 8.286 million USD in Adamjee EPZ, Bangladesh 2011 Bangladesh $9,197,354.98
38125 China China jointly develops the Tun Razak ITC landmark building with Malaysia 2014 Malaysia $3,000,000,000.00
34436 China China keen to fund 2nd Padma Bridge (Inactive) 2012 Bangladesh