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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2009)
33163 China Technical Specialists and Materials sent to Cambodian King's work group 2005 Cambodia $14,497,932.65
19651 China Technical Survey Group for Broadcast System (Inactive: Part of project #1670) (Inactive) 2007 Liberia
31835 China Technical Training Programs in Yaounde Conference Center 2008 Cameroon
35530 China Technical and Economic Aid in Costa Rica (Inactive) 2007 Costa Rica
432 China Technical and Economic Cooperation Grant 2003 Congo, Dem. Rep. $3,892,885.32
13472 China Technical and economic co-operation agreement (Duplicate of 13464) (Inactive) 2011 Tunisia $165,790,082.28
30247 China Technical and economic cooperation agreement 2012 Mali $7,977,837.61
1068 China Technical and economic cooperation agreements for oil and gas (Linked to #1066) 2005 Kenya
38555 China Technical assistance for health system and malaria research 2013 Timor-Leste
18290 China Technical assistance to radio jamming equipment 2005 Zimbabwe
264 China Technical support service to expand the production capacity of a coal mine (Duplicate of 1906) (Inactive) 2007 Tanzania
14381 China Technical training for Ugandan workers 2010 Uganda
33706 China Technical traininge for Laos' drug control programs (linked to #33768) 2002 Laos
609 China Technology and technical assistance for refineries and chemical plants 2004 Gabon
41515 China Teda agreed to construct an industrial park in Suez area (Inactive) 2007 Egypt
1718 China Telecom Equipment (Inactive) 2005 Nigeria $33,015,094.16
2423 China Telecom Extension (Inactive) 2008 Libya $59,795,450.53
325 China Telecom Project in Benin (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2004 Benin
21898 China Telecom contract to ZTE- duplicate with 20 (Inactive) 2004 Algeria $60,274,600.82
1135 China Telecom firm contracted to provide 3G equipment (Inactive) 2008 Kenya
992 China Telecom portion of the second phase of 2004 two bln loan from Exim Bank of China (Inactive) 2004 Angola
351 China Telecommunications Loan (Not a Project) (Inactive) 2010 Africa, regional, Burundi, Zimbabwe
63 China Telecommunications Networking--ZTE Corporation and Mundo Startel 2005 Angola $99,045,282.49
960 China Telecommunications agreement (Duplicate 994) (Inactive) 2007 Ethiopia $238,664,954.83
943 China Telecommunications equipment donation (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2005 Kenya $2,735,829.99
1618 China Telecommunications network set up by ZTE (Inactive) 2006 Mauritania $51,194,253.73
35689 China Telemedicine and distance-learning network 2011 Senegal
34264 China Teletalk in Bangladesh to Receive Chinese Loans to Fund Network Upgrade (Inactive) 2010 Bangladesh $196,161,698.99
2357 China Telimele bauxite prospecting (duplicate of #144) (Inactive) 2007 Guinea
2358 China Telimele bauxite prospecting- duplicate with 2357 (Inactive) 2007 Guinea
18284 China Telkom Kenya Facilities and Equipment Installation, ZTE (Commitment too early) (Inactive) 1998 Kenya $11,334,757.20
17036 China Tender for Nuanetsi Irrigation Project (Inactive) 2003 Zimbabwe
2102 China Teshie hospital in Accra 2009 Ghana $7,280,000.00
37548 China Test project to Brunei (Inactive) 2005 Brunei
2040 China Textile Management Agreement 2005 Morocco
608 China Textile complex 2008 Egypt $1,011,126,484.15
1642 China Textiles Deal (duplicate of 1638) (Inactive) 2002 Libya
34126 China Thai and Chinese Company Hydro-electric Joint Venture (duplicate of #34763) (Inactive) 2000 Thailand $3,394,491,638.81
34142 China Thai/Chinese Joint Venture for Automobile Air Conditioning Plant 2000 Thailand
33819 China Thailand, China and Laos coinvest in rubber cultivation project in Laos 2007 Laos
32508 China The 11th Technical Cooperation of BiComo Hydro-Power Station 2001 Equatorial Guinea
838 China The 2nd Bridge in Niger (Duplicate of 135) (Inactive) 2008 Niger
37990 China The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) signs partnership with partnership with China's Insurance Professional College (IPC) (not a project) (Inactive) 2010 New Zealand
19671 China The China Development Bank Extends Line of Credit to Togo’s West African Development Bank 2011 Togo
38313 China The China-Venezuela Fund delivers $127 mln for Surgical Equipment [Linked #38290] 2014 Venezuela
43118 China The Chinese Development Bank signed a memorandum of understanding with Indian Reliance Power (linked to #43113 #43114 #43116 #43118) (Duplicate of #42693) (Inactive) 2010 India
31460 China The Chinese Embassy donates K25,000 to Zambia for the rehabilitation of the University of Zambia's Library. 2013 Zambia