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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2009)
37424 China The Chinese Government Provided Flood Disaster Relief Payment In Cash to Bolivian Government for the Post-disaster Reconstruction [duplicate of project #35892] (Inactive) 2008 Bolivia
934 China The Chinese government donates de-mining equipment (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2000 Africa, regional, Angola, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda
2199 China The Chinese government has donated 7,780 metric tons of fertilizer valued at 20 million RMB Yuan (duplicate) (Inactive) 2003 Zambia $4,027,694.31
33782 China The Chinese government will help Lao National Television (LNTV) to upgrade its technology for Channel 3 2013 Laos
37992 China The Confucius Institute grants 250,000 NZD for six Confucius classrooms 2010 New Zealand $167,497.17
1798 China The Construction of 50 Water Wells (Inactive) 2011 Liberia $1,257,256.47
30636 China The Construction of the Inland River port and Ancillary Facilities at Baro (commercial) (Inactive) Nigeria
39077 China The Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil and China jointly set up a Confucius Institute 2013 Brazil
30657 China The Opening of Chinese Minibus Assembly Plant (Inactive) 2009 Senegal
885 China The People's Palace, a convention center 2004 Guinea-Bissau
30632 China The Rehabilitation of AMS Terminal ‘B’ at Old Port, Warri, Delta State (commercial) (Inactive) 2012 Nigeria
30644 China The Rehabilitation of Lamine Guèye Stadium (Inactive) 2011 Senegal
30630 China The Rehabilitation of Otobi-Otukpo Water Works Project (Commercial) (Inactive) 2012 Nigeria $20,843,912.29
1866 China The Sunon Asogli Power Company invested $592 million USD on the Thermal Energy Plant (phase I) (linked to #36203) 2007 Ghana $238,664,954.83
38059 China The Venezuelan Parliament Approved the Container Inspection Project (Inactive) 2003 Venezuela
39430 China The cities of Bogota and Shenzhen signed a Memorandum of Understanding allowing the exchange of "new environmental technologies, cultural issues and education." (not a project) (Inactive) 2013 Colombia
42904 China The first Confucius Institute is opened in Bulgaria 2005 Bulgaria
16779 China Theme Park Fantawild Adventure 2009 South Africa $250,000,000.00
34685 China Thermoelectric plant to receive Chinese bank loan- duplicate of #34676 (Inactive) 2006 Viet Nam
35061 China Third Seminar on Rural Health Care Towards African Countries (Inactive) 2010 Botswana, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
36239 China Third of three loans to build 3rd and 4th nuclear plants in Chashma, Pakistan (linked to #36237 and #36238) 2010 Pakistan $440,666,565.50
33247 China Three Chinese Students Donate 200 Yuan to Embassy for Sri Lankan Relief (Inactive) 2004 Sri Lanka $36.41
43213 China Three Gorges Corporation invests $15 billion in Pakistan (Inactive) 2011 Pakistan $12,434,256,170.83
14868 China Three Road Projects (Inactive) 2009 Gabon $406,619,175.01
30572 China Three billion dollar loan framework agreement [Duplicate of #2034] (Inactive) 2011 Ghana $2,486,851,234.17
36858 China Tianjin Investment Group to invest in shopping center and hotel in Uruguay 2005 Uruguay $24,402,460.90
39800 China Tianjin Music Group completes performances in Trinidad and Tobago 2011 Trinidad & Tobago
39804 China Tianjin Song and Dance Troupe completes tour of Trinidad and Tobago 2010 Trinidad & Tobago
42188 China Tianjin State Farms Completes USD10M Bulgarian Agriculture Investments 2011 Bulgaria $8,289,504.11
16037 China Tianjin and Pretoria municipality sign cooperation agreement 2001 South Africa
37434 China Tinaco-Anaco Railroad Initiative (duplicate of #37950) (Inactive) 2009 Venezuela
841 China Titanium Deal (Not a project) (Inactive) 2005 Kenya
46970 China Togo opens airport terminal with 150 million investment from China Exim Bank (Inactive) 2013 Togo
1248 China Tong Jian may invest in Maputo port expansion (Inactive) 2011 Mozambique $1,409,215,699.36
689 China Total Gabon signs deal with Sinopec (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2004 Gabon
859 China Total annual investments from China- inactive (Inactive) 2010 Cote D'Ivoire $1,394,514.45
17281 China Tractor Provision (Inactive) 2004 Zimbabwe
629 China Tractor assembly 2008 Egypt $4,044,505.94
1363 China Tractors (Duplicate of 1444) (Inactive) 2001 Tanzania
11699 China Trade Center (Inactive) 2007 Benin
736 China Trade City funded by Wenzhou investors opens (Inactive) 2011 Chad
16005 China Trade Cooperation Agreement (Inactive) 2004 South Africa
1147 China Trade Development Zone (Duplicate of 1153) (Inactive) 2007 Mauritius $596,662,387.09
1389 China Trade Exhibit in Nigeria - NOT A PROJECT. (Inactive) 2001 Nigeria