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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2009)
43041 China [not official finance] Agricultural Bank of China agrees to loan 500 million USD to Russian VTB (Inactive) 2009 Russia $500,000,000.00
42738 China [not official finance] Bank of China and IDBI Sign USD1.2B Power Facility (Inactive) 2010 India $1,115,611,558.24
33385 China [not official finance] China Construction Bank to finance 6,800 million rupees loan to Sri Lanka for the building of a flood protection system (Inactive) 2010 Sri Lanka
43128 China [not official finance] China ICBC and SEC signed a tripartite agreement with Indian ICICI (linked to #43113) (Inactive) 2010 India
43067 China [not official finance] China extends $200 million credit line to Vneshtorgbank (Inactive) 2002 Russia $330,627,190.50
34237 China [not official finance] China offers hard loan of $224 million to Bangladesh to expand Barapukuria power station (Linked to #33957) 2014 Bangladesh
43020 China [not official finance] ICBC Increases Russian Credit Line to $500M USD (Inactive) 2010 Russia $464,838,149.26
33458 China [not official finance] ICBC loan for Broadlands Hydropower Project (Inactive) 2010 Sri Lanka $64,798,438.01
42424 China [not project-level info] Belarus and China sign $1.5B in deals (linked to #42466, #42493) (Inactive) 2013 Belarus
16209 China [not sure if China funded] China constructs water treatment plant in South Africa (Inactive) 2006 South Africa
36961 China [too vague] China signs cooperation agreement with Uruguay for 2.5 million USD and 1.2 million USD for economic and technical programs (Inactive) 2006 Uruguay $4,979,462.11
41497 China [trade contract] China provides 60 energy recovery incinerators to Iran (Inactive) 2011 Iran $414,475,205.69
982 China a motorway project in Mali-duplicate with 1544 (Inactive) 2010 Mali
949 China agricultural products would be allowed into China duty-free (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2007 Ethiopia
1918 China aid to boost china-zanzibar cooperation (Duplicate of 1917) (Inactive) 2010 Tanzania $2,696,061.27
1355 China all-packed economic and trade project (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2008 Ethiopia
1352 China build four factories producing leather goods (Not a project) (Inactive) 2008 Ethiopia
722 China cancel debts that matured at the end of 2005 (Inactive) 2005 Africa, regional
2200 China china donates 4,500 metric tons of non-GMO yellow maize to Zambia (duplicate) (Inactive) 2003 Zambia
2275 China china donates goods (duplicate) (Inactive) 2006 Zambia $1,614,960.69
2310 China china invested US$100 million in Chambishi copper mine (duplicate) (Inactive) 2007 Zambia $119,332,477.42
30395 China china provided loans for construction of agricultural research center 2012 Mali $7,313,017.81
1909 China china to rehabilitate Zanzibar radio stations (Duplicate of 1910) (Inactive) 2009 Tanzania
1860 China comprehensive hospital (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2008 Rwanda $8,730,839.14
2437 China concessional loan was agreed for US$270 million (duplicate of ID 2438) (Inactive) 2008 Ghana $273,004,150.72
11974 China construction of a National Sports School (Inactive) 2007 Cameroon $674,665,478.07
30165 China construction of a basic school, the rehabilitation of the El-Hadj Hassan Gouled Aptidon stadium and various other projects (Inactive) 2012 Djibouti
2439 China de-mining training courses and donated de-mining equipment (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2009 Sudan
16335 China deal between Chinese and South African companies that includes cooperation on coal-to-oil technology [not a project -- in China] (Inactive) 2006 South Africa
36100 China duplicate of #35805 (Inactive) 2014 Rwanda
318 China duplicate with 22818 (Inactive) 2007 Cameroon $677,251,898.87
30746 China duplicate-Cooperation agreements signed during President Xi's visit (Inactive) 2013 Congo, Rep.
1343 China economic and technological cooperation (No project) (Inactive) 2008 Ethiopia
969 China expansion of Muger Cement Enterprise (Duplicate) (Inactive) 2007 Ethiopia
20055 China extension of $2 billion loan (duplicate #35) (Inactive) 2006 Angola $2,691,601,142.52
1574 China financing some developmental projects (Duplicate of 1573) (Inactive) 2011 Togo $6,414,573.81
2255 China inter-governmental agreement with Sierratel (duplicate of ID# 53) (Inactive) 2008 Sierra Leone $16,784,699.64
2335 China interest-free loan agreement of K32 billion (duplicate) (Inactive) 2011 Zambia $5,529,634.42
16271 China key pact to cushion the impact of Chinese textile imports (possible duplicate 16221) (Inactive) 2006 South Africa
1555 China loan to the state operator, Togo Telecom (Duplicate of 975) (Inactive) 2009 Togo $31,767,123.05
15264 China luxury cars (Inactive) 1968 Guinea
22198 China medical team for 2 years (Duplicate 2260) (Inactive) 2009 Sierra Leone
22868 China multiple donations of medicine (too vague, merged with project ID #31887) (Inactive) 2007 Cameroon
21580 China national television station (Inactive) 2001 Comoros
12056 China non-project (Inactive) 2010 Cameroon $6,865,874.12
692 China not a project (Inactive) 2011 Gabon
1388 China not a project (before 2000) Resumption of RR Construction (Inactive) 2001 Nigeria $878,964,429.07
33892 China not a project, Individual-Chinese individual invests 8000 birr in Ethiopian agriculture (Inactive) 2010 Ethiopia $516.14
1645 China not a project: $23m loan for telecom project (Inactive) 2005 Nigeria $33,015,094.16
425 China not a project: Djibouti Soccer Stadium (Inactive) 1987 Djibouti