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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
34771 China $50000 donation for flood aid 2004 Philippines $103,039.71
2315 China $500m on Zambian economic development (duplicate-progress report) (Inactive) 2008 Zambia $689,456,546.70
30570 China $51 million USD loan for Cape Verdean Social Housing Project 2012 Cape Verde $54,010,807.17
34306 China $537m Chinese soft loan for Shahjalal Fertiliser Factory (Inactive) 2010 Bangladesh $675,383,873.22
32203 China $55 million aid pledge for roads (possibly duplicate of #32200) (Inactive) 2008 Cambodia $75,840,220.14
584 China $5m aid for development to Gabon (Duplicate of 583) (Inactive) 2000
30100 China $6 billion dollars for Infrastructure in return for copper mining concessions, duplicate of ID 450 (Inactive) 2012 Congo, Dem. Rep.
588 China $6 million USD interest-free loan for food security 2010 Eritrea $7,546,188.53
1294 China $6.2 million dollar interest free loan (duplicate of 19020) (Inactive) 2005 Namibia $11,984,691.71
1295 China $6.2 million dollar loan (Inactive) 2005 Namibia $12,177,588.51
34351 China $6.58 million grant for construction of Banepa Polytechnic Institute 2001 Nepal $14,959,567.88
38989 China $6.868 billion for construction of Bunji Hydropower Project, Pakistan 2009 Pakistan
30532 China $60 Million Loan for Mining Activities (Inactive) 2010 Eritrea $75,461,885.28
738 China $60 million agricultural loan 2007 Guinea-Bissau $97,651,913.54
32454 China $600,000 for de-mining in eastern Cambodia 2008 Cambodia, Cambodia $827,347.86
2033 China $6B USDloan from Eximbank (Inactive) 2010 Ghana $7,546,188,527.59
35911 China $700 mln Credit Line for Housing [Duplicate of #35912] (Inactive) 2005 Venezuela $1,374,889,025.86
456 China $75 Loan for Medical, Agricultural Purposes (Duplicate of 458) (Inactive) 2010 Congo, Rep.
34429 China $750 million grant for physical infrastructural development 2012 Nepal $794,276,576.09
1542 China $7B Export Credit Insurance for Multiple Sectors (Inactive) 2004 Nigeria $14,425,558,795.91
794 China $8.32 million in financial aid (Inactive same as ID#791) (Inactive) 2009 Guinea-Bissau $15,685,442.89
30441 China $8.6 Million grant to Zambia (duplicate of ID#2334) (Inactive) 2012 Zambia $9,107,704.74
739 China $800,000 for Portuguese countries summit 2006 Guinea-Bissau $1,471,528.79
33824 China $91.5 million loan for construction of Phongsaly-Yunnan road 2011 Laos $96,485,648.30
30460 China $984 million Exim loan for Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Plant, Nigeria (duplicate of ID#30371) (Inactive) 2012 Nigeria $1,042,090,867.83
42008 China $US 6.68 million ($T 13.6 million) grant for the construction of a new bridge (Inactive) 2009 Tonga $906,541,990.09
1828 China 'Economic/technical Coop Agreement (Inactive) 2002 Morocco
683 China 'Studying setting up' Sinopec company to provide oil services (Inactive) 2010 Egypt
20320 China (DUPLICATE) China has granted Zimbabwe a 200 million dollars buyer's loan (Inactive) 2009 Zimbabwe $271,419,757.51
41155 China (Deactivated - Commercial) China funds $36m US Dollar for bloc 69 (linked to project #41156) (Inactive) 2005 Yemen $70,708,578.47
39850 China (Deactivated - Duplicate of #36670 - sources merged) China offers a grant of $5 Million USD for international convention center in Guyana (Inactive) 2003 Guyana $11,016,468.76
41229 China (Deactivated - Not a project) China pledges to help with the construction of Seymareh Dam (linked with project ID #41230) (Inactive) 2002 Iran $395,530,839.00
41156 China (Deactivated - commercial) China funds $36m US Dollar for bloc 71 (linked to project #41155) (Inactive) 2005 Yemen $70,708,578.47
40480 China (Deactivated - commercial) China-Tajikistan JV leads to Chinese Partner Investing $250m (Inactive) 2013 Tajikistan $254,188,340.97
41153 China (Deactivated - commercial/not a project) China pledges to fund $2.1b US Dollar for oil and gas exploration (Inactive) 2004 Yemen $4,327,667,638.77
41489 China (Deactivated - commercial/private company) China Exim Bank loans $100 million USD in export credits to Ofer Maritime Ltd (Inactive) 2011 Israel $110,998,732.58
1831 China (Deactivated - duplicate of #1839) Series of 'Four Agreements/Documents' (Inactive) 2002 Morocco
41111 China (Deactivated - duplicate of #2402) China Sent Engineering Unit to Darfur (Inactive) 2007 Sudan
35347 China (Deactivated - duplicate of #35351) China 100000 Dollars Pakistan Chinese Defense Ministry earthquake relief (Inactive) 2005 Pakistan $196,412.72
35374 China (Deactivated - duplicate of #35353) China Red Cross donates 81 tons of of relief materials to quake-hit Pakistan (Inactive) 2005 Pakistan $783,798.84