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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
40478 China (Deactivated - duplicate of #40489) China to Loan $42m for Railway Project (Inactive) 2013 Tajikistan $42,703,641.28
41026 China (Deactivated - duplicate of #41907) China grants Jordan USD2.6m to finance development projects (Inactive) 2007 Jordan $4,231,582.92
41167 China (Deactivated - implementation of contract) Chinese company invests $114.7m US Dollar in airport terminal building (Inactive) 2006 Yemen $210,980,440.89
41057 China (Deactivated - implementation) China Sinoma invests $210 million to build a cement plant in Yemen (Inactive) 2006 Yemen $386,276,308.52
41211 China (Deactivated - no $ flow) Chinese investors plan $32m in investments to Bahrain in a variety of industries (Inactive) Bahrain
39761 China (Deactivated - no financial flow) China Helped Jamaica with the Construction of the Waterworks System (Inactive) 2012 Jamaica
40477 China (Deactivated - no financial flow) China and Tajikistan Accelrate the Line D Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline (Inactive) 2013 Tajikistan
39924 China (Deactivated - no financial flow) China pledges to carry out airport project in Guyana (Linked to project ID #39927 & #39928 (Inactive) 2013 Guyana
39927 China (Deactivated - no financial flow) China pledges to carry out e-government project in Guyana (Linked to project ID #39928 & #39924 (Inactive) 2013 Guyana
39925 China (Deactivated - no financial flow) China pledges to carry out hydro-power generation plan project in Guyana (LInked to project ID #39927 & #39924) (Inactive) 2013 Guyana
40444 China (Deactivated - no financial flow) Red Cross Society of China to Work With Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan (Inactive) 2012 Tajikistan
41149 China (Deactivated - no transaction) China pledges to fund more than $100m US Dollar for hospital (Inactive) 2003 Yemen $220,329,375.18
41124 China (Deactivated - not a project) China EXIM commits to provide a 1.1 bn RMB loan for the construction of a power plant (Inactive) 2000 Iran $308,332,224.91
2271 China (Deactivated - not a project) China Gezhouba signs agreement to construct highways in Sierra Leone (Inactive) 2011 Sierra Leone
41178 China (Deactivated - not a project) China acquires Soco Yemen for $465m US Dollar (Inactive) 2008 Yemen $641,194,588.43
36834 China (Deactivated - not a project) China pledges to loan 350 million USD to Argentina for passageway construction (Inactive) 2004 Argentina $721,277,939.80
40052 China (Deactivated - not a project) Shanghai Construction Group is completed construction of $38Million USD Prime Minister's Residence and Diplomatic Center in Trinidad and Tobago (linked to #40005) (Inactive) 2007 Trinidad & Tobago $61,846,211.91
41191 China (Deactivated - not a project) Sinopec wins contract to upgrade two oil refineries in Iran in exchange for access to oil (Inactive) 2001 Iran $341,023,583.84
41397 China (Deactivated - private investment) CSCEC invests $1 billion USD in the Palm Island Hotel project (Inactive) 2013 United Arab Emirates $1,016,753,363.89
40936 China (Deactivated - private investment) Chinese firms and Syrian businessmen create joint venture for construction of tire factory (Inactive) 2000 Syria $208,843,331.61
41285 China (Deactivated - service agreement) CNPC signs service agreement with Iraq North Oil Co. (Inactive) 2008 Iraq $4,136,739,280.22
46446 China (Deactivated project already exists)China provides $2B loan to Chad (Inactive) 2011 Chad $2,219,974,651.60
46530 China (Deactivated: Project already exists) China provides $300M loan to Gabon for hydropower project (Inactive) 2008 Gabon $413,673,928.02
46982 China (Deactivated: project already exists) China Helps Set Up Technical and Vocational Laboratory in Kenya for 27.6 Million (linked to #47053) (Inactive) 2012 Kenya $29,275,975.56
19180 China (Duplicate) China plans to build schools/education centers in Zimbabwe (Inactive) 2007 Zimbabwe $8,557,475.86
1813 China (INACTIVE) Soft loan (Inactive) 2006 Nigeria $1,839,410,992.95
45580 China (Kyra Solomon training project 1) China grants Zimbabwe US$16 million for water, mining projects (linked to #45597) (Inactive) 2013 Zimbabwe $16,268,053.82
45664 China (Kyra Solomon training project 10) China Export-Import Bank funds $562 million dam in Ghana (linked to #45658) (Inactive) 2008 Ghana $402,642,623.28
45671 China (Kyra Solomon training project 11) China funds $835 million power project in Botswana (linked to #45680) (Inactive) 2012 South Africa $884,294,588.05
45680 China (Kyra Solomon training project 12) China acquires 25% stake in South Africa's Shanduka Group for $243 million (linked to #45671) (Inactive) 2011 South Africa $305,733.96
45597 China (Kyra Solomon training project 2) China loans US$16 million to Zimbabwe for water, mining (linked to #45580) (Inactive) 2013 Zimbabwe $16,268,053.82
45604 China (Kyra Solomon training project 3) China gives 130 scholarships to Dominica (Inactive) 2004 Dominica
45614 China (Kyra Solomon training project 4) China forgives $8 billion in Iraqi debt (linked to #45624) (Inactive) 2007 Iraq $17,114,951,712.17
45624 China (Kyra Solomon training project 5) China to give US $6.5 million to Iraq for public health and education programs (linked to #45614) (Inactive) 2007 Iraq $10,696,844.82
45635 China (Kyra Solomon training project 6) China donates US $2.6 million worth of military equipment to Bolivia (Inactive) 2010 Bolivia $3,270,015.03
45646 China (Kyra Solomon training project 7) China to conduct feasibility studies for agriculture center in Liberia (Inactive) 2007 Liberia
45651 China (Kyra Solomon training project 8) China signs $50 million license deal with Nambia for oil (Inactive) 2005 Namibia $98,206,358.99