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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
45658 China (Kyra Solomon training project 9) China funds $562 million dam in Ghana in exchange for direct supply of cocoa (linked to #45664) (Inactive) 2008 Ghana $372,306,535.22
2135 China (NOT A PROJECT?) China Investments in The Country Hits N888 Billion (Inactive) 2009 Nigeria
2136 China (NOT A PROJECT?) China to invest further $3 billion in Nigeria (Inactive) 2009 Nigeria $4,071,296,362.67
770 China (Not project specific) China is trying to lure the country away from Taiwan with a promise of US$6 billion in aid (Inactive) 2007 Malawi $9,765,191,353.97
16688 China (Pre-2000) President Mugabe Inaugurates Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Plant (Inactive) 2001 Zimbabwe
46440 China (Project already exists) China provides $678M loan to provide drinkable water from Sanaga River in Cameroon (Inactive) 2014 Cameroon $678,000,000.00
40466 China (deactivated - ADB funding) ADB gives 372.6mil yuan worth of financial grants to fund Central Laboratory of the General Agency for Specialized Inspection and the renovation of an auto road (Inactive) 2011 Mongolia $64,007,390.39
149 China (deactivated - commercial project) Sinosure insures Ghana Telecom project (Inactive) 2005 Ghana $131,596,521.05
1754 China (deactivated - duplicate of #12550) Malaria medication (Inactive) 2007 Senegal $427,873.79
32601 China (deactivated - duplicate of #135) China funds expansion of 2nd bridge in Niamey, Niger (Inactive) 2011 Niger
1824 China (deactivated - duplicate of #1853) China gives Morocco 500,000 EUR Grant for Public Works Projects (Inactive) 2003 Morocco $1,243,345.82
14166 China (deactivated - duplicate of #22643) Construction of agricultural technology center (Inactive) 2008 Sudan
31167 China (deactivated - duplicate of #30346) China Exim Bank funds construction of salt port in Djibouti (Inactive) 2013 Djibouti
33390 China (deactivated - duplicate of #33409) China provides loan for Hambantota Port Development Phase I(Ancillary works & supply of equipment) project (Inactive) 2013 Sri Lanka $157,540,558.36
34451 China (deactivated - duplicate of #34214) China grants 5 million USD in humanitarian aid to cyclone-hit Myanmar (Inactive) 2008 Myanmar $6,894,565.47
35340 China (deactivated - duplicate of #35353) Chinese Red Cross donates USD 100,000 to Pakistan for quake relief (linked to #38486) (Inactive) 2005 Pakistan $196,412.72
39431 China (deactivated - duplicate of #35927) China Exim Bank gives concessional loan of 60 million USD to finance "Gas Domiciliario 39K" (Inactive) 2009 Bolivia $81,425,927.25
40452 China (deactivated - duplicate of #37739) China donates medical equipment and supplies worth 22 million RMB to Papua New Guinea (Inactive) 2003 Papua New Guinea $5,856,258.04
42215 China (deactivated - duplicate of #39248) China gives grant of .7m for demonstration farm in Tonga (Inactive) 2008 Tonga $965,239.17
40243 China (deactivated - duplicate of #40325) China provides 350 million USD to Uzbekistan for construction of rail tunnel (Inactive) 2013 Uzbekistan $355,863,677.36
40407 China (deactivated - duplicate of #40440) China EXIM Bank loans Tajikistan $49m for construction of Dushanbe-Danghara road (Inactive) 2009 Tajikistan $66,497,840.59
41332 China (deactivated - duplicate of #40949) China grants Jordan and Lebanon 4.7 million USD to assist Syrian refugees (Inactive) 2012 Jordan, Lebanon $4,977,466.54
41029 China (deactivated - duplicate of #41907) Chinese government grants Jordan 2.6m USD for development projects (linked to #41907, #41911) (Inactive) 2007 Jordan $4,231,582.92
42180 China (deactivated - duplicate of #41961) China gives 4.39m grant for international convention center (Inactive) 2009 Papua New Guinea $5,957,663.68
40973 China (deactivated - duplicate of 41334) China grants Lebanon and Jordan 16 million USD for aid to Syrian refugees (Inactive) 2014 Jordan, Lebanon $16,000,000.00
34180 China (deactivated - duplicate/aggregate of medical team projects) CMTs to Equatorial Guinea (Inactive) 2008 Equatorial Guinea
16385 China (deactivated - no $, commercial) Mining cooperation between SA, China (Inactive) 2007 South Africa
41325 China (deactivated - no cash flow) China Development Bank offers to finance Israeli solar energy projects (Inactive) 2012 Israel
37178 China (deactivated - not a project) China Development Bank signs financial cooperation agreement with BancoEstado (Linked to #37181) (Inactive) 2011 Chile
603 China (deactivated - not a project) China and Gabon sign joint mining and energy agreement (Inactive) 2004 Gabon
551 China (deactivated - not a project) China pledges loans to Gabon(linked to project #580) (Inactive) 2003 Gabon
35796 China (deactivated - purely commercial) China preferential buyer's loan for highway construction of the Myitkyina-Pangsau Road (Inactive) 2008 Myanmar $654,862,445.79
16121 China (deactivated - too vague) Provincial agreements to promote economic and cultural cooperation (Inactive) 2004 South Africa
677 China (deactivated - vague, no $) Aid and interest free loans (Inactive) 2010 Gabon
640 China (deactivated - vague, no $) Aid package without any political conditions (Inactive) 2005 Gabon
2283 China (deactivated - vague, no $, duplicate) China assists building small hospitals (Inactive) 2000 Guinea
35848 China (deactivated, duplicate of #38935) Sinohydro building $2 billion Coca-Codo Sinclair HydroDam (Inactive) 2010 Ecuador $2,116,385,168.98