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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
38400 China Additional donation of LED tube lights (linked to #37995) 2014 Maldives
30639 China Agreement for provision of broadcasting van 2012 Zimbabwe $5,284,831.63
18648 China Agreement to build ministerial complex 2012 Liberia $63,542,126.09
43041 China Agricultural Bank of China loans 500 million USD to Russian VTB 2009 Russia $678,549,393.78
2193 China Agricultural Demonstration Center grant of 40 million RMB 2008 Togo $7,937,726.62
16026 China Agricultural Production and Training at Egerton University 2008 Africa, regional, Kenya
32875 China Agricultural Technical Center in Sangalkam (Linked #41896) 2011 Senegal
32592 China Agricultural Technology Center in N'Sele 2012 Congo, Dem. Rep.
285 China Agricultural assistance with FAO 2007 Gabon
2413 China Agricultural experts 2008 Sudan
1087 China Agricultural experts and technicians 2003 Africa, regional, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali
560 China Agricultural technician training 2002 Ethiopia $1,911,479.38
1597 China Agriculture Assessment team 2005 Liberia
33841 China Agriculture Demonstration Center in Laos 2007 Laos $8,557,475.86
806 China Aid after locust plague 2006 Guinea-Bissau
557 China Aid for drought victims 2000 Ethiopia $464,096.29
2407 China Aid for voluntary repatriation in Darfur 2008 Sudan $11,906,589.92
2507 China Aid to Interally Displaced Persons Camps 2003 Uganda $550,823.44
748 China Aid to fight cholera epidemic 2005 Guinea-Bissau $39,282.54
35579 China Algerian students study abroad in China with Chinese government scholarship 2008 Algeria
39367 China Ambassador grants 30,000 PGK for Bivi Primary School 2011 Papua New Guinea $14,044.72
117 China An overpass project in Cotonou 2008 Benin $31,750,906.46
206 China Angola Telecom Network Expansion Project, Phase 1 2002 Angola
31266 China Anhui-Zimbabwean Agricultural Co-operative Program 2010 Zimbabwe
1715 China Anti-Malaria Drugs Purchased for Liberia 2009 Liberia $397,311.12
717 China Anti-Malaria Medicines to Cote D'Ivoire 2007 Cote D'Ivoire $142,626.91
31426 China Anti-malaria center 2009 Guinea
822 China Anti-malaria drugs donation (needs confirmation) 2006 Kenya $1,153,461.60
34719 China Anti-malaria medicine worth $200,000 USD 2006 Zambia $367,882.20
1760 China Anti-malarial training workshop 2007 Senegal
1602 China Assistance Toward Liberia's Reconstruction Program 2006 Liberia $45,985,274.82
34108 China Assistance for dredging of riverbeds and for capacity building through training of personnel 2008 Bangladesh
38905 China Assistance offered by traditional Chinese physicians 2005 Singapore, Thailand
42245 China BT Telecommunications to build multi-purpose complex in Minsk using Chinese loan 2010 Belarus $314,424,521.98
38934 China Bank of China and Deutsche Bank (China) provided $298.9mn loans for the Cañar and Naranjal flood control project 2013 Ecuador
41245 China Bank of China funds $30 million to UAE-based Metito for water treatment projects 2012 United Arab Emirates $31,771,063.04
34801 China Bank of China loan for construction of 2x300MW Cilacap power plant (linked to #34748) 2003 Indonesia $898,943,850.74
40265 China Bank of China loans $232 million USD for KazMunayGas and Citic Group bitumen plant 2010 Kazakhstan $291,785,956.40
30004 China Bank of China loans $37 million for Zambian ZESCO fibre-optic lines Phase II 2010 Zambia $46,534,829.25
42251 China Bank of China loans 87 million USD for Kozjak hydropower plant in Macedonia (linked to project #42247) 2002 Macedonia, FYR $196,635,331.39
38936 China Bank of China loans Ecuador $311mn for highway and bridge construction projects 2014 Ecuador $218,000,000.00
35126 China Bank of China provides US$500 million to Pakistan for balance of payment obligations 2001 Pakistan $1,136,745,279.47
32205 China Bank of China signs 591 million USD refinancing deal with Cambodia's Mobitel 2010 Cambodia $743,299,569.97
2065 China Berchid-Beni Mellal Highway 2011 Morocco $275,276,856.80
30237 China Bio-Gas Appliances, Installation, and Training 2012 Ethiopia $16,777,243.28
38546 China BoC funded US$455 million for Banten Lontar power plant (Linked to Project IDs #38600, #38601, #38602, #38604, #38606, #38609, #38610, #38611, #38614, and #37864) 2009 Indonesia $617,479,948.34
420 China Boali No. 3 Hydropower Plant 2011 Central African Rep. $32,932,694.46
36031 China Bolivian Army Construction Command Receives 4.5 million USD Grant of Water Drilling Equipment from China 2012 Bolivia $4,765,659.46
30344 China Borehole Drilling Project 2012 South Sudan
733 China Broadcasting Cooperation Accord 2009 Central African Rep.