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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
925 China 925 (No title) (Inactive) 2000 Unset
1200 China 1200 (No title) (Inactive) 2009
19859 China 19859 (No title) (Inactive) 2007 Zimbabwe $162,753,189.23
39918 China CITIC supplies equipment for the construction of the Sergeli underground line in Uzbekistan(linked to #39919) (Inactive) 2001 Uzbekistan $454,698,111.79
37240 China China CAMC Engineering co., LTD Won the Bidding of the Sylvite Factory Project in Potosí, Bolivia (Inactive) 2015 Bolivia $176,838,676.27
38231 China China Construction Bank opens in New Zealand (Inactive) 2014 New Zealand
38870 China China Minmetals Corp. and Jiangxi Copper Co. reach a US$ 446mn USD agreement to acquire Northern Peru Copper Corp. [duplicate of project #36927] (Inactive) 2007 Peru $725,879,223.98
42988 China China Zhengzhou Yutong company signed an agreement to produce 202 buses for Macedonia (Not a project) (Inactive) 2010 Macedonia, FYR
33998 China China and Bangladesh signed nine co-operative documents and a communiques (Inactive) 2005 Bangladesh
37420 China China and Bolivia Signed the Exchange of Notes Concerning Free Aid on Flood Disaster of Bolivia [duplicate of project #35892] (Inactive) 2008 Bolivia
37398 China China and Bolivia Signed the Loan Agreement Regarding the Concessional Loan [duplicate of project #35927] (Inactive) 2009 Bolivia
37269 China China and Bolivia Signed the Loan Agreement Regarding the Concessional Loan [duplicate of project #35958] (Inactive) 2010 Bolivia
1190 China China has built a total of 31 projects in Mozambique (duplicate of #766, #21904, #1106) (Inactive) 2007 Mozambique
34261 China China offers assistance to install the country's first space satellite.(duplicate to project ID:#34262) (Inactive) 2010 Bangladesh
33996 China China provides 400 million BDT interest free loan for 6th Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge (duplicate of #33941) (Inactive) 2004 Bangladesh $13,851,131.32
41038 China China wants to invest in turn-key delivery construction of thermic power plant (not a project) (Inactive) 2000 Turkey
37806 China China will provide $1 billion loan to Ecuador on energy generation, oil, and communication [duplicate of #35865] (Inactive) 2010 Ecuador $12,576,980,879.32
38198 China Chinese Inner Mongolia Yili buys buy New Zealand's Oceania Dairy Group (not a project) (Inactive) 2012 New Zealand
33995 China Chinese government provided Tk 88 crore as grant for 6th Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge (Inactive) 2004 Bangladesh $30,472,488.89
32172 China Communication Equipment for the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Duplicate of project ID#32201) (Inactive) 2009 Cambodia
34172 China Construction of Anti-Malaria Center in Conakry (duplicate of project ID#31426) (Inactive) 2009 Guinea
20024 China Debt cancellation (Duplicate of 1361) (Inactive) 2001 Tanzania $43,196,320.62
36924 China Duplicate of #35977: China's Ambassador to Ecuador Wang Shixiong Attended the Opening Ceremony of the Extension Project of Simon Bolivar Highway (Inactive) 2013 Ecuador $81,340,269.11
37662 China Duplicate of #35982: Ecuador and Export-Import Bank of China Finished Negotiation for A Loan Worth of $570,000,000 (Inactive) 2011 Ecuador $632,692,775.71
36283 China Duplicate of 36418: CNPC buys Petrobras Peru for $2.6 billion (Inactive) 2013 Peru $2,643,558,746.11
868 China ECOWAS: experts to assess future development projects (Inactive) 2011 Cote D'Ivoire
38047 China Hong Kong-listed Greenheart Group buys New Zealand's forest from Sino-Forest Corp (not a project) (Inactive) 2011 New Zealand
37811 China Hongkong Hutchison Whampoa Limited officially took over Port of Manta (Duplicate of #35817) (Inactive) 2006 Ecuador $962,011,949.31
32175 China Installation Project of Phnom Penh Transmission Loop Line Systems (duplicate of #32149) (Inactive) 2009 Cambodia $108,567,903.00
1004 China Kipsigak-Serem-Shamakhokho road project- duplicate with 108 (Inactive) 2002 Kenya $14,350,481.64
42993 China Macedonia KO Expressway Project was signed and being implemented between China Electric Power Construction and Macedonia (Duplicate of #42307) (Inactive) 2015 Macedonia, FYR
114 China Modernization of Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC)- duplicate with 1043 (Inactive) 2004 Kenya $43,276,676.39
772 China Not a project: Medical teams (Inactive) 2000 Madagascar
116 China Road construction- duplicate with 1027 (I think- source is in Chinese) (Inactive) 2003 Kenya $50,235,097.54
1829 China Technical Assistance (Inactive: see project #1830) (Inactive) 2011 Liberia
2330 China U.S.$400 Million Deal With Zambia [not a project, company is Nigerian] (Inactive) 2010 Zambia $503,079,235.17
37540 China Wuhan Iron & Steel Group sign contract with CVG (Inactive) 2009 Venezuela
552 China two-thirds of Algeria’s 745-mile east-west highway (525km) (Duplicate of 331) (Inactive) 2007 Algeria $9,228,105,829.50
1530 China $1 B Planned Investment : not a project (Inactive) 2003 Nigeria $2,203,293,751.81
797 China $1 billion Lusophone Cooperation and Development Fund established (Inactive) 2013 Africa, regional, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Timor-Leste $1,016,753,363.89
33724 China $1 billion investment in reconstruction of Laos Telecom 2006 Laos $1,839,410,992.95
2298 China $10 million financing arrangement secured (not a project) (Inactive) 2006 Africa, regional, Tanzania, Zambia $18,394,109.93
1692 China $10 million loan deal for Ghanaian Cocoa Mill (Inactive) 1995 Ghana $25,285,378.88
34765 China $100 million Chinese investment in TGL Group electronics equipment Philippines 2004 Philippines $206,079,411.37