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About the data

AidData's Global Chinese Development Finance Dataset, Version 2.0

To facilitate rigorous analysis and support evidence-based decision-making, AidData re-engineered its Tracking Underreported Financial Flows ("TUFF") methodology to provide the most comprehensive and granular dataset on China's overseas development finance activities. The latest (2.0) version of our dataset covers every low-income, lower-middle income, and upper-middle income country in the world. It tracks projects over eighteen commitment years (2000-2017) with details on the timing of project implementation over a 22-year period (2000-2021).

This platform provides provides a portal to access the entire dataset. The project records available on this platform cover all regions, all sectors and all sources and types of financial and in-kind transfers from government and state-owned institutions in China. All of these projects are consistent with the OECD's definitions of Official Development Assistance (ODA) and Other Official Flows (OOF). We assembled the dataset from 91,356 sources (including 63,424 unique sources in more than a dozen languages, of which 34,075 are official sources).

For more details, see AidData’s Banking on the Belt and Road report and the latest (2.0) version of the TUFF methodology.

By the numbers

  • $843.1 billion Total financial commitments (in constant 2017 USD)
  • 165 recipient countries tracked
  • 334 unique official sector institutions in China
  • 13,427 Total projects with detailed, searchable metadata
  • 1.93 million words of searchable text compiled from detailed project descriptions
  • 10,849 Records with an implementation status indicating that the project has been formally approved, active, or completed.
  • 6.8 Average number of sources supporting each project record
  • 89% Of project record with at least 1 official source
  • 2000 Earliest year covered
  • 2017 Latest year for financial commitments
  • 2021 Latest year for start of implementation