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China commits to providing US$150 million for reconstruction projects (Umbrella Project to #34508, #34509, #34502, #37850, #53537)

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In January 2002, a US$150 million reconstruction aid package (captures the full sum of the aid package, including amounts listed in sub projects) was pledged by China to Afghanistan over a 5-year period during Chinese President Jiang's visit with Afghan interim leader Hamid Karzai. The aid package was intended to be part grant and part concessional loans. However, the concessional loans were later changed to a grant in 2009 (captured in #34532). Based on the excerpt from the Press Conference With a Foreign Ministry Spokespersoon on 22 May 2003, the grant would be used for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, mainly in two areas:Main Project 1: The Parwan Irrigation Works (Phase 1)- US$15 million: Project ID #34509On March 3, 2004, at the Chinese Embassy in Kabul, Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, Sun Yuxi and Afghan Irrigation, Water Resources and Environment Minister Mohammad Yusuf Nooristani signed an agreement under which China would help rehabilitate irrigation canal in Parwan Province. The canal was constructed by China as an aid to Afghanistan in the 1970s. Once completed, the irrigation canal would improve agricultural production and benefit 250,000 locals in the area. Based on the ADB report, the total cost for the project is US$15 million, which would be funded by China.The first phase of the project started in April 2004 and was completed in October 2006. It cost US$10 million and included the repair of generator machinery and equipment, damaged dams, and the replacement of gates. The second phase of the rehabilitation process started in December 2006 and was completed in December 2007.The second phase extension project was completed in June 2012. Handover Ceremony was held on September 27, 2012. [Update Nov. 2018] It included the enlargement of the main canal, constructing additional gutters and retaining walls, and building fences around the Charikar pumping station and the Parwan Authority office. The construction for the second phase extension project was carried out by China's Jiangxi Water and Hydropower Construction Company (the company won the contract in June 2009). It was also reported that China National Electric Equipment Corporation (CNEEC) and Beifang Investigation, Design & Research CO. LTD (BIDR) were involved in the rehabilitation project.The project was successfully completed on 15 June 2012 and was officially approved by the Ministry of Commerce inspection team on 13 July 2012. On 15 August 2012, China and Afghanistan signed the Parwan Rehabilitation Project transfer certificate. _Main Project 2: Republic Hospital or aka Jamhuriat Hospital in Kabul- US$4.35 million: Project ID #34502In 2002 it was announced that China would help renovate Kabul's war-damaged Jamhuriat Hospital. The agreement for this project was signed between China and Afghanistan May of that year. Republic hospital is one of the largest reconstruction projects in Afghanistan, which officially started the reconstruction in March 2007. It houses a total of 350 hospital beds, more than 1,200 outpatients, with X-ray machines, CT scanners, blood dialysis machine and other advanced medical equipment. Construction will be carried out by the China Railway 14th Construction Bureau Co Ltd and will be implemented over 18 months.The hospital is to have updated facilities and equipment, and a new medical building and office building estimated to cost US$25 million. China handed over the office building for the hospital in March 2006. On 16 August, 2009, the hospital held its opening ceremony. The main hospital building was completed and began operation in January 2014. China has also pledged to donate medical equipment and corresponding supporting facilities after the completion of the hospital. Main Project 3: 30 million Chinese Yuan Emergency Aid Package (#53537)In January 2001, Chinese President Jiang Zemin, Prime Minister Zhu Rongji signed an agreement to provide Afghanistan emergency aid package worth 30 million Chinese Yuan during the visit of Afghan interim leader Hamid Karzai. The aid package includes medicine, medical equipment, stationery, and sports products is for support of the temporary government. In March 2002, Northern Afghanistan was hit by Hindu Kush earthquakes, so part of the aid was also used for rehabilitation. The handover ceremony was held on March 26, 2002. _Also, on 31 March 2004, at the International Conference on Afghanistan in Berlin, Li Zhaoxing, Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China, announced the country's plan to provide US$15 million to Afghanistan for its reconstruction. The grant is part of the US$150 million reconstruction aid package The plan was reaffirmed by Ambassador Zhang Yishan at a Security Council session in August 2004. Based on a report in the Chinese government's MOFCOM website, the US$15 million aid was given to Afghanistan on February 2005; the initial plan was to give the aid in 2004. The Chinese ECCO website also stated that apart from the above projects, the grant will also be used for material assistance and human resource training.

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Government of Afghanistan [Government Agency]

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Afghanistan Jamhuriat Hospital [Other]; China Jiangxi Province Water and Hydro Electric Construction Company [Private Sector]; China Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Government Agency]; China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNEEC) [State-owned Company]; China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. (CRCC14) [State-owned Company]