Restoration of Chau Say Tevoda temple of Angkor Wat
$2,803,020.23 to Cambodia in 2000 | ID: 32062

Project Details:

  • Intent: Representational
  • Status: Completion
  • Sector Comment:
  • Debt Uncertain:
  • Commercial:
  • Line of Credit:
  • Is Cofinanced:
  • Ground Truthed:
  • Umbrella Project:
  • Recommended For Research: true


  • Start (Planned):
  • Start (Actual): 29 March 2000
  • End (Planned):
  • End (Actual):

Loan Details:

  • Loan Type:
  • Interest Rate:
  • Maturity:
  • Grace Period:
  • Grant Element:


  • $2,803,020.23 USD-2014 (10,000,000.00 CNY, $1,207,947.69 USD in 2000)
  • 1126493808349


  • The China Cultural Relics Research Institute donated 10 million CNY to the restoration of the Chau Say Tevoda temple of Angkor Wat on March 29, 2000. The China Cultural Relics Research Institute is representing the Chinese government, and is cooperating with Chinese and Cambodian workers in the restoration project by replacing missing stone sections with replicas. The project was expected to be completed within five years; it was finished in late 2009. After completing the renovation work on Chau Say Tevoda, the governments of China and Cambodia agreed to Ta Keo as the site of the second joint renovation project. Parts of Angkor Wat are also being restored with the help of Japan, France, Italy and India.

  • Capacity:



    • Geo Name: Angkor Wat
      Location Type: ruin(s)
      Latitude: 13.41237
      Longitude: 103.86661
      Precision Code: 1
      Adm 2: Krong Siem Reab
      Adm 1: Siem Reap
      Adm 0: Cambodia

Participating Organizations:


  • Jiang Huaiying , Team Leader
  • Zhang Bo , deputy director of the Department of Cultural Relics of China


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