Project ID: 19609

China Eximbank provides RMB 385 million government concessional loan for Five Star Hotel, Ivato International Conference Center, and Luxury Villas Construction Project (Linked to Project ID#58425 and #57881)

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$ 91072456.23178597

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$ 91072456.23

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Export-Import Bank of China (China Eximbank) [State-owned Policy Bank]




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Central government debt





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On November 22, 2007, the High Constitutional Court of Madagascar authorized the ratification of an RMB 385,000,000 government concessional loan (GCL) agreement with China Eximbank for the Five Star Hotel, Ivato International Conference Center, and Luxury Villas Construction Project. This GCL carries the following borrowing terms: a 20 year maturity, a 6 year grace period, a 2% interest rate, a 0.75% commitment fee, and a 1% management fee (or service charge). The purpose of the project was to construct the the Ivato International Conference Center (ICC), a five-star hotel, and 54 luxury villas in Antananarivo (near the Ivato International Airport). The Ivato International Conference Center was originally supposed to be funded by a Chinese Government grant (see Project ID#72750), but it and the 5-star hotel were later fused into one project so that the grant element for the hotel loan would be sufficiently concessional to meet IMF standards. The Golden Peacock Five-Star Hotel has more than 200 rooms, including 2 presidential suites. The ICC can accommodate 1,000 people and has an area of 9,141 square meters and includes a conference hall, a news center, a VIP restaurant, and related facilities. The ultimate purpose of this project was to promote tourism and international conferences in Madagascar. The 54 villas sit on an area of about 23,000 square meters. Anhui Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute was responsible for the design of the project and Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group Co., Ltd. was responsible for the implementation of the project. Project implementation officially commenced on December 2, 2007. A groundbreaking ceremony for the luxury villas was held on June 17, 2008 and the construction of these villas was completed within 3 months. The construction of the 5-star hotel commenced on September 26, 2007 and ended on June 25, 2009. It passed Chinese technology standards on August 28, 2009. A handover certificate for the hotel was granted on September 21, 2009. The ICC was officially handed over to the Malagasy authorities on June 19, 2008 and an opening ceremony was organized on September 2, 2008. Then, in 2010, the Government of Madagascar set up a state-owned company — called the 'Madagascar Estate Company' (MADECO) — to take over the ICC and Golden Peacock Five-Star Hotel. The luxury villas reportedly proved not to be commercially viable and were later transformed into a luxury resort with a conference center, a business centre, and a large Chinese restaurant.

Additional details

1. This project is known as the The Golden Peacock Five-Star Hotel Construction Project. The French project title is Projet Hôtel 5 Etoiles or Projet d'hôtel de cinq étoile. The Chinese project title is 马达加斯加五星级宾馆项目 or 五星级宾馆项目 or 54栋总统别墅项目 and 我援马达加斯加国际会议中心项目 or 设的54套总统别墅群、五星级宾馆项目. 2. The Ivato International Conference Center (ICC) is also locally known as CCI Ivato. 3. In the database of Chinese loan commitments that SAIS-CARI released in July 2020, it records the grace period of this loan as 8 years. AidData records the grace period figure (6 years) that is identified in the November 23, 2007 law, which ratified the loan agreement between China Eximbank and the Government of Madagascar. 4. This project is linked to an umbrella project concerning the ICC (Project ID#58425) and a loan for affordable housing that was issued around the same time (Project ID##57881).

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Direct receiving agencies [Type]

Government of Madagascar [Government Agency]

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Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group Co., Ltd. (AFECC) [Private Sector]

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20 years

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6 years

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Bilateral loan

Government Concessional Loan

Investment project loan